+4 to Initiative: Your Geek Horoscope for November 2010

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  My name is Ryven Cedrylle and I’m thrilled to have a column here on Geek’s Dream Girl. Each month, I’ll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.  (Go here for last month’s article!)  As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some inescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where you may or may not have seen them before.  Now – draw your weapon, ready your mind and don’t forget to add your +4 To Initiative!

Horoscopes for November 2010

For Everyone:

Nov 14th – Since September, I’ve mentioned the Venus retrograde and encouraged you to keep a diary of events at certain times in  order to see astrology in action in your own life.  The third event in the cycle we’re going to watch here is on November 14th, the Venus station to direct.  (The most recent, if you recall, was Venus entering the ‘shadow’ of her retrograde over Labor Day Weekend.)  Now that we’ve seen a couple points along this line, we can start to draw some conclusions about future events.

Personally, Labor Day Weekend was the time during which my wife and I sent our first payment in to Everlasting Adoptions to begin the birthmother-finding process and we signed on to work part-time at Kroger to help earn money to pay the fees.  Since then, my wife quit Kroger, started on at Pottery Barn, quit Pottery Barn and was contacted by Loft though she never followed through with it.  The 9th was the last day she worked at Pottery Barn.  Venus is one of the major money planets and in retrograde, it refers to shrinking or internalizing; seems to be valid so far.  In about two weeks when Venus stations again, I can presume to get another piece of information about or start the next ‘chapter’ of our fundraising adventure.

Neptune also happens to station to direct this month (7th to 10th) almost directly opposite her natal Venus so because of that added complication (and because this column isn’t really about me!) I won’t go any deeper into interpretation.  Still, that gives you a good introductory look into how we as astrologers go about our work.  I have also not  heard from any of you, but there’s still time!   If you find your own trend(s) and are up for sharing, send them to me at ryvencedrylle@gmail.com and I’ll add them to this column in December!

As to the Venus station in general, it shows up just about in time for the craziness of the holiday shopping season, so I’d be willing to venture that we see one of the better retail seasons in the last few years.  If you’ve been experiencing a recent shortage of money, relationship chutzpah or creative juices in the last month or so, that will probably ease up by the end of November.  Jupiter and Neptune’s stations contributes as well; when the blue giant turns direction, he often digs up some cleverly hidden dirt with him – and just in time for the few days after elections!  Intuitive and otherwise ‘supernatural’ abilities also tend to be strong at that point, so if you have spiritual practices or disciplines with which you to connect with the Divine or angels or spirit guides or whatever (Great Old Ones?), make sure you stop in and say hi around the 8th or so.  For the rest of us, pay attention to those flashes of insight and enjoy the wave of optimism!

Okay, enough of that.  Let’s get to the individual signs.


Venus backs her pretty little behind into your opposing sign (Libra) and then goes direct which would generally be considered a stressful aspect for you Aries.  Thing is, Venus tends to play nice most of the time and in this phase of her cycle, she is said to be ‘arising from the Underworld.’  This suggests to me that you actually have a significant opportunity to rebuild from last month’s troubles.  You may have to sacrifice the ego a little bit to do so, but well worth it.  Keep yourself in check, Edgar, and odds are on your side that someone close to you could give you a free ride just in time for Winter. (Kind of a subtle reference there.  Google it.)


Last month, I mentioned you may get to the point where you feel like you have to choose between your relationships and yourself.  Hopefully you didn’t jump the gun on things since the ‘right’ answer becomes pretty obvious this month.  November really comes in like a lion for you, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Vesta and Venus all sitting opposite you in Scorpio on the New Moon Election Day (Nov 5th).  If you happen to be running for a public office, I hope you did your homework because this does not bode well for you.  Normally if a Taurus tells me he feels like the whole world is out to get him, I tell her she’s exaggerating.  Maybe for once I’d disagree.  It passes pretty quickly, though and within a week all is forgiven.   When Neptune turns direct in Aquarius, expect to gain some significant understanding you didn’t have before, but beware of over-valuing it.  Other than the killing people part (I hope!) you kind of have a Harmony from the Angel series thing going in November.  You may not be able to help ticking people off but so long as you don’t seem to do it maliciously, stuff will blow over.


You’re in kind of a goofy spot this month, Gemini.  You’re being opposed by your ruling planet, Mercury, and his distaff counterpart (of sorts), Pallas, in Sagittarius.  The sort of philosophical, open-ended (read ‘no clear endpoint’) thought that goes on while this placement holds is pretty foreign to you as you revel in being able to debate and persuade to a conclusion.  Whereas last month you had meaningful opinions to espouse – and were likely correct – it seems like folks aren’t as interested in November.  It’s not so much that you’re losing the arguments as people are just dropping out of them.  Conversely, two of the three big stations this month, Venus and Neptune, are in the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius and thus send you quite a bit of support in the form of synchronicities and other similarly unexplainables.  Thus despite your best efforts, November is a pleasant month.  The dice love you.


All the Water signs are lucky this month, Cancer, what with Jupiter turning direct in Pisces near the end of the month and you are no exception.  This however is the sort of luck that is made, not merely received.  You have to be in the right place at the right time and it’s your job to ensure that happens.  As much as you might like to hang around at home, it doesn’t serve you in November to do so.  You  have to keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to further your goals and do whatever it takes to get there.  Mercury and Vesta are in opening trine to you, indicating the ability to quickly utilize knowledge gained and Venus goes from a retrograde square to an opening trine as well suggesting you have learned something from last month’s decision-making processes.  Perhaps it’s best summed up by Scorch from Republic Commando: “One’s an anomaly, two’s a trend.  Rule 89, Boss.”


Neptune and Chiron, who just happens to be sitting right next to Neptune, both go direct opposite you this month.  As I mentioned in the intro, Neptune turning direct usually brings to light previously hidden or buried stuff and Chiron is all about old wounds.  Leo tends not to keep a lot of secrets anyway, so when one of the precious few gets uncovered it can really throw you for a loop.  Honesty is the best policy, particularly for Leo in November.   You’re quincunxed to Jupiter’s station in Pisces so you may not see the bounty as much as others but you’re in prime sextile-square position for Venus’ turn in Libra-Scorpio which will be asking you to crank the charm up to 11; you don’t want anything to stand in the way of that.  Play with your cards on the table, even if it seems less than advantageous. Unless of course you’re playing Cheapass Games’ Unexploded Cow in which most of your cards are on the table already.   Then it doesn’t matter. :)


Earth signs are relatively quiet, Neptune and Chiron are quincunxed and you’re only one sign away from the Venus station, so there’s not a lot.. oh wait!  That’s right, Jupiter!!  Jupiter turns direct in your opposing sign, Pisces around the 17th.  Know what that means?  S*** blows up! Actually, I should clarify that.. I mean “blows up” in the ‘rapid inundation’ sense, not the Mega Bomberman sense.  The question here is how long does it take to peak? If you’re an early (August) Virgo, you’re likely to only get a taste of what will happen when Pluto comes across for its last trine to you (which is January for me at 6° Virgo) which will be the real thing.  Later (September) Virgos will get a lesser blast but all up front.  As with Venus and Aries, Jupiter is a pretty friendly planet so even an opposition during a station is pretty benevolent.  You’re detail-oriented and may not be able to keep up well with everything around you.  Let the craziness calm down a bit before you try to make sense of everything.  As best as you can, hang on and roll with it until you can get your head about you again.  Not easy for many Virgos but you can do it.


Neptune goes direct at a trine to you in Aquarius and Venus goes direct in your home sign just after a brief return, like she forgot her keys on the counter or something.  In fact, that’s not a bad way to describe November for you, Libra.  You’ve spent the last couple months tending to everyone else’s stuff that you may very well have forgotten you have a life too.  This month, it’s time to say “Hey, what about me?  Where are my cookies?” (Because who doesn’t want cookies?) Hypothetical confections aside, you’ve got a little breathing room.  You’re not needed anywhere, so you’ve got time to recharge your battery and enjoy life.  Take a short rest, spend some healing surges and identify a couple of the neat magic items you picked up in the last encounter.  You wouldn’t have gotten them if you weren’t going to need them eventually.


Party’s over.  Everyone leaves.  That’s Scorpio in November.  The Sun, Mercury, Vesta and Venus all split from Scorpio in various directions at various speeds, leaving you feeling a little..  unimpressed perhaps.  Sure, Venus will come back in December, but for now it’s cleanup time.  You are a Water sign and thus as Jupiter turns direct, you get a little bit of his good favor.  What will really help you out, though, is to explore the void.  It’s the mu principle, the space between letters and between words, the sound of silence.  I realize that’s a bit esoteric so let’s try this old, familiar story – there was a famous samurai who went to study under an ancient master.  Before the master accepted the samurai as his student, he bade him sit down for tea.  The master poured tea into the samurai’s cup, telling him to say when.  The samurai did not do this, expecting the master to simply stop when the cup got full.  Instead, the master continued to pour, spilling hot tea all over the samurai’s hand.   The samurai became angry, but the master simply told him “You are like the cup.  You must become empty before I can fill you with my wisdom.”  Empty yourself this month, Scorpio, so you can receive new understanding.


So, the Sun, Mercury, Pallas and Mars all in Sagittarius.  Can we say ‘wanderlust?’  Sagittarius is already prone to rambling, both physically and mentally, but with all this generally undirected energy in your home sign, that’s about to increase.  Futhermore, Jupiter and Uranus are squared to you, continuing to open up new doors without a lot of regard to what’s going on behind the old ones like some kind of stock Scooby Doo chase montage.  As the month draws to a close, you may find yourself surrounded by a half-dozen half-finished projects you may or may not even remember starting.  Having your values firmly in mind will be an important task for you in November.  You will have a small handful of good opportunities with the knowledge and energy to tackle them all, just not the time – you will have to choose.  The harder you focus on the things you hold most dear, the clearer the choices will become.


Feeling a bit nostalgic, Capricorn?  It’s unusual for you to wear your heart on your sleeve, but the planets you have access to  this month – Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Neptune/Chiron aren’t always terribly logical and often ignore the sorts of boundaries and structures you enjoy so much.  You’re liable to overcompensate with the Saturn square from Libra, so go ahead and loosen the grip a little bit.   You, more than almost any other sign, are aware that there is a correct time for everything though you use that excuse to put off feeling the more extreme, difficult-to-manage emotions.  Well guess what – it’s time to open that little box in which you keep your less-controlled side and let it out.  Cry, laugh, love, be furious, whatever you need to let loose to keep the internal pressure at a reasonable level.  You don’t necessarily need to go all tsundere, but let the world remember that you’re a human being, too.


So last month you were active and all over the place, Aquarius, but this month?  Totally different story.  Neptune turns direct in your home sign, sapping a lot of that giddy-up and making the things of earth seem less important.  At the same time, you’re somewhat beholden to both Saturn and Venus in Libra which may result in others holding considerable more sway over you than usual, particularly people you find sexually attractive and those in positions of authority over you.  In short, Diana, if you don’t watch yourself someone’s going to chain your bracelets together.  Then what?  Aquarius is a fiercely independent sign, so being under the influence of another is quite abnormal and disconcerting.  Figure out quickly who’s holding the leash and whether there’s something to be gained by it or not.  Spiritually inclined Aquarians should take advantage of the situation to surrender to the Higher Power of your choice and grow nearer to your Source.


Lucky Pisces picks up the Jupiter station in your home sign this month!   Furthermore, you’re shielded from the Venus turn by quincunx and the Neptune/Chiron turn by being a single sign away – though many modern astrologers give Neptune rulership over Pisces.  If anything, you’re maybe a  little overzealous with Mars, Mercury and the Sun squaring you from Sagittarius but you’d be amazed what a really powerful Jupiter aspect can wash away.  Like your opposite, Virgo, expect November to be almost non-stop, but where Virgo should just take the ride and clean it up later, you need to stay on top of the game at all times.  It’s the difference between actual surfing and just boogie-boarding.

Ryven Cedrylle is a Christian, husband, scientist, gamer and astrologer – in that order. He contributes regularly to the At-Will Blog and the Power Source Podcast. Find out more about astrology and Ryven’s unique services at Christian Astrology.

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