CONTEST: FlipMe Your Best Geeky Pickup Lines!

Ever seen a cutie cosplayer from across the con floor and wished you could flirt with them without all that awkward tripping over your words? Or met someone at a game day and hoped you could keep in touch? When I heard about FlipMe, I immediately saw it as a great way for shy geeks to express interest in other shy geeks. And I’ll tell you what, if I were single, I’d be adding FlipMe cards to my dating tools arsenal.

What Is FlipMe?

From their website:

Ever been out somewhere, seen someone you were attracted to and not do anything about it because you were either intimidated or just too shy? FlipMe arms you with the greatest ice-breaker ever. Simply give someone a card. If they are interested, they can use the unique codes on the card to communicate exclusively with you.

You register your pack of cards on the FlipMe website and fill in a few details. If someone who took your card is interested in you, they can ping you through FlipMe’s website.

It’s not a dating profile, so for those folks who aren’t good writers don’t have to worry. Besides, if someone has your card, it means they’ve seen you in real life, and that’s the first hurdle in dating, isn’t it?

A Chat with Founder, Rachel DeAlto

e: Tell me a bit about what inspired you to start FlipMe.

Rachel: It honestly all started with the way I met John, my husband. We were an almost missed connection, but he passed me a note while I was having lunch with my parents. A couple years ago we were talking about how we met and how many other people could meet that way.

It was developed as a way to flirt in those type of situations where you cant just go up and start a conversation (my dad is a big guy!)

e: Is the idea then to slip these to folks you’re afraid/unable to talk with?

Rachel: Exactly – there might not be that perfect moment to strike up a conversation. Plus, it eliminates the fear of rejection that you get when you approach someone without knowing if they are interested, taken, etc.

e: As a shy geek myself, I can see these as being pretty useful at conventions. See someone in an awesome costume, you want to let them know you’re interested… ;-) A lot of guys ask me about how to flirt with girls at conventions. It’s kinda hard since there are strangers from all over the world at the bigger cons.

Rachel: Exactly! Its really really hard to approach people sometimes. There are the few that dont have an issue striking up a conversation anytime anywhere, but most of us dont want to put ourselves out there that far. We try to make it the best of both worlds. I am actually a big fan of the wingman(woman) flip – I hand out these cards like crazy for my single friends (John wont let me use them myself – :( ).

e: Do you do it when you’re out with them? Or do you just find single guys you think your friend might like and give it out then?

Rachel: Both!  I have about 5 left for my one friend that I use without her – the guys get a kick out of it and I get to play matchmaker :-)

e: That is pretty awesome. Do you have a sample page of what someone would see when they log in to see someone’s profile?

Rachel:  Yes, this page has the message center with a screenshot of what the profile looks like when it pops up – right now it has the users picture and username, and we are also adding a feature where (if the member wants to) they can add a bit about themselves. We really wanted to eliminate preconceived notions so we dont use a typical online dating profile.

I think people often automatically eliminate potential dates when their profile says something that they dont “think” they like, ie. you could be allergic to cats but your soulmate could have two. You could realize its worth going on Benadryl permanently ;-)

e: So they get a little picture and then a way to contact the person. Do they email through the site first and then through regular email?

Rachel: When they enter the codes on the card they received they get a picture of the person they are talking with and can communicate on the site. The message center is similar to Facebook, where the pictures show up with each conversation. Most of the time people go back and forth a couple times, see if they are interested, and then exchange their personal emails or digits.

e: What’s pretty cool to me about this is that it really doesn’t matter how many people are members of the site in your area. You can be the only flipper in town and it’ll work just as well.

Rachel: Exactly – you aren’t limited to our members like in a traditional online dating site. You can connect with anyone anywhere, and its always free for them.

e: Have you gotten any cool/funny success stories?

Rachel: Well I haven’t been invited to any weddings yet (I LOVE weddings ;-)) but we do have members that are dating. It’s funny, I hear a lot from women using them that they don’t even use the website. The card is the icebreaker, and they end up talking right there in person and exchanging info.

e: Hehehe, well, I guess they work then! ;-)

Rachel: Thats exactly what they were intended for, an icebreaker that lets you flirt with people that you normally wouldn’t be able to approach. If there is a chemistry there, it doesn’t matter how you met, but that you met :-)

e: True, true. The privacy thing is there, too, which is nice. Better than a business card.

Rachel: You can get in some seriously awkward situations with business cards. Its a lot of info out there. Before I met John I handed out my business cards a few times, and once had a guy that literally called my office three times a day until I called him back to say it wasn’t going to work, mostly because he was a stalker. ;-) LOL!

e: Have you heard anything from same-sex couples or folks interested in non-traditional relationships (polyamorous, etc)? I’d think it would be less awkward to hand someone a card than to flirt in person and make them uncomfortable if they don’t swing your way. :)

Rachel: We think its a huge benefit for same-sex and non-traditional relationships. It has to be really hard to have to guess someone’s sexual preference, and it can get touchy if your guess is wrong!

e: Is FlipMe a global thing yet, or just US?

Rachel: Right now we are US only, but working on getting it to the UK asap. Canada and UK are at the top of the list, but we have literally had requests from all over the world.

e: Is there any promo code I could give my other readers as an incentive to go sign up?

Rachel: Absolutely – they can use FLIPPINGOUT5 for $5 off!

The Contest!

Rachel’s goal is to have many, many different sets of FlipMe cards, so that people can hand out cards that reflect their personality. I thought it would be great to have some geeky cards that convention-goers could hand out to the folks who pique their interest.

If you…

  • Are single (or in a relationship that enables you to have additional partners)
  • Live in the U.S.
  • Would LOVE to try a 3-month (30 card) membership of FlipMe for free…. and…
  • Are willing to be interviewed (anonymously if you like) on Geek’s Dream Girl in a few months about your experience

…then you should enter this contest!

To Enter

Leave a comment that says “FLIP ME, PLEASE!”

To receive an additional entry…

Leave a geeky pickup line (or a bunch!)

To receive an additional entry…

Tweet (and use your Twitter address as your URL in your comment):

Got a geeky pickup line? Add it to the @flipmedating contest on @geeksdreamgirl! #geekypickuplines

Help A Friend!

If you just want to add a pickup line but have no interest in winning, you can still have fun with us!  In your comment, you can sponsor a friend who already entered. Just let me know who you’d like your comment to sponsor and I shall make it so.

…or hey, if you just wanna add pickup lines and not sponsor anybody, that’s cool too. The more, the merrier!

This contest ends on Tuesday 11/9/10 at 11:59 ET and is open to residents of the US only. The winner will receive a pack of 30 FlipMe cards and a free 3-month subscription to FlipMeDating.

Example Entry:
Ideas for pickup lines:
  • Your costume is almost as cute as you are.
  • I like the way you roll your dice.
  • My superpower isn’t flirting.

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