Harry Potter: The End Is Near

harry potter movie poster
Now, typically, I’m not one to get into fandom.  Perhaps it’s just a word bias on my part.  I like this or that; I might call myself a fangirl in a self-deprecating fashion, but I’ve never considered myself a part of a fandom.

However, if I’m a fan of anything, I have to admit, it’s of Harry Potter.

I was a relative latecomer to the world of Harry Potter, compared to, say, most fifteen-year-olds; I knew I would have loved such a series when I was young, but the zeal of the fans caused me to hold out, obstinate, on reading any until after the first movie had come out.

Flash forward roughly ten years later, and the world is a different place.  I fell in love with the Potter books, and recruited a fair number of my own friends.  I wore a homemade t-shirt to see Azkaban in theaters; I’ve been to midnight book release parties.  I intend to someday get a Hogwarts train for my Christmas tree.  I knew they would one day have a super-special DVD release, and I so looked forward to it that I actually held off on purchasing any Harry Potter DVDs until the last year (I’m slowly getting the Ultimate series); in the meantime, I watched them pretty much every time they were shown on ABCFamily, commercials and all.

Now the first half of the final movie is set to hit theaters.  I didn’t experience any sort of Harry Potter-induced melancholy when the book series was completed, but on the other hand, there were still a few movies left to make.  Now that we’re about to be really done, I wonder about the future of the Harry Potter franchise.

I wonder about future generations.  You see, I grew up watching the original Star Wars trilogy, taped off of HBO (before box set VHS or theater re-releases).  For as long as I can remember, I’ve known Darth Vader was Luke’s father, and that Luke and Leia were siblings.  Jabba the Hut has never been scary.  The Ewoks have always been boring.  In fact, none of it was particularly exciting, simply because it was always there.

Will future generations feel the same way about Harry Potter?  Will they look at us in disbelief when we tell them about the Internet meme (I will not say the phrase) just after the release of Half-Blood Prince?  Will they consider anyone who ever questioned Snape’s loyalty an imbecile?  And how long will it be before the movies get a reboot?

I don’t know that Harry Potter will be considered outdated or quaint.  It might, but I suspect that like any good novel, it will always have its fans.  If people of all ages can still get lost in the magic of Oz or The Secret Garden or Narnia, they can do so at Hogwarts.  If I have children, and they don’t ‘get’ Harry Potter, I won’t mind, because they’ll have their own moments, their own books and movies to love.

All this quiet reflection, when what I really meant to say was, I am unbelievably excited for the opening of the new Harry Potter movie!  I think I’ve grown out of the stage where I wear homemade shirts to the local movie theater, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be settling in my seat with a bag of Reese’s Pieces on opening night.

Now I want to have a discussion about any and all things Harry Potter.  Are you still one who resists reading or watching the films?  Are you someone who firmly believes Harry and Hermione should have gotten together?  Do you go to wizard rock concerts, or make gingerbread Hogwarts for the holidays?

Oh! How do you feel about rumors that J.K. Rowling might not be completely averse to writing more about the Potter universe? And now that the movies are coming to a close, are you craving more?

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