Things All Geeks Should Be Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., and as is the purpose of the holiday, I like to take a little time each year to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Before anyone rolls their eyes and says, “Must be nice…I don’t have anything to be thankful for,” just stop. No matter how bad things seem, everyone has something to be thankful for. I could be spending today bemoaning my husband’s illness that completely ruined several months of his life and cost him his day job, the fact that I’m stuck working retail to pay the bills, and that we can’t travel as much as we used to. Instead, I’m thankful that my husband is getting better, that 4 Winds is growing and becoming more successful every day (I won’t be in retail forever!), and that we have a wonderful circle of friends here that make it just fine to stay home. And that I have this great opportunity to write for GDG and chat with all you wonderful geeks!

Sometimes when it seems like everything in the world is going wrong, it’s easy to think you have nothing to be thankful for, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather than worrying about what you don’t have, focusing on what you do have is much healthier and makes it a lot easier to have a positive outlook on your life.

But let’s not get too deeply philosophical, here. Even if there isn’t much in your personal life to be happy about, here are a few things that should make all geeks give thanks.

Peter Jackson has taken back The Hobbit.

Not that Guillermo del Toro wouldn’t have done a fantastic job with it, but Peter Jackson is the man who brought Tolkien’s world to life in the first place. From the casting to the visual effects to the music, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will always stand as one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time. And now the prequel is back in those same magical hands. Huzzah!

Your Highness is going to be what the D&D movie should have been.

The first time I mention playing RPGs to people, many of them respond with, “Is that like the D&D movie?” And I wince in pain. The D&D movie was horrible and isn’t a good representation of high fantasy gaming at all! But when I saw the trailer for Your Highness, I could barely contain my glee. It’s not a game-based movie, but every friend of mine has said the same thing after seeing the trailer: “That’s like every D&D/Pathfinder game I’ve ever played in!” It’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to see it. (Be warned, the trailer is NSFW!)

Superheroes are super again.

I admit I haven’t read comics in several years, but I still love them. We all remember that bad stretch of time when comic movies were just horrible and cheesy. Thankfully, those days are gone. From the perfection that is Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark/Iron Man to the incredible film adaptation of The Watchmen to Seth Rogen giving the Green Hornet the attention he’s always deserved, comic movies are good again. And let’s not forget superheroes on TV! Have you seen No Ordinary Family yet? It’s great! (And Michael Chiklis knows a thing or two about playing a superhero.)

Geeks are finally being recognized as the cool guys and gals we are.

We’re taking over the world, people! On TV shows and in movies, the geeks are no longer just the weird neighbors next door, they’re the stars. Cons are getting bigger and bigger every year. The internet has made it possible for geeks around the world to connect and share common interests, and we no longer have to be lonely and isolated. If that isn’t something to be thankful for, I don’t know what is.

So as you sit down to dinner today, whether it’s a traditional turkey feast, or a plate of toast, popcorn, pretzels and jelly beans, take just a minute to give thanks for all the good things in your geeky life. Thank you all for reading my articles, and have a wonderful holiday!

What are you thankful for this year?

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