Christmas Gifts To Buy Your GM – As Low as $2 a Player!

The holidays are all about getting gifts for the important people in your life. You’ve got your family, your significant other, your friends, maybe  a suck-up gift for your boss, but have you forgotten to get something for your GM?

Pool your available cash flow with the other four players at the table to get your GM something cool this year. Here are a few suggestions in levels from Collecting Change From The Couch Cushions to Way Too Much Disposable Income.

Critical Hit Flashing LED d20 – $2 per player

This item has a warm place in my heart because I watched it grow up from a glimmer in someone’s eye to prototypes to the finished product. It is probably one of the coolest and most fun RPG products of the holiday season, but I’m kinda biased.

It’s a hefty-sized d20 (a bit bigger than the purple Paizo d20 if you have one of those) and it’s a nice shade of Kill The Orcs red. The best part is that it lights up when you roll a critical hit.

Check it out at ThinkGeek.*

Alea Tools Holiday Pack – $4 per player

Through 12/31, Alea Tools has a special on a good starter pack set of markers and magnets. If you haven’t found a good way to mark conditions in your game, Alea Tools are pretty useful.

If you had a bad experience with them when they first came out, come back! The magnets are now smaller, so they don’t push each other around the board when combat gets close.

This set includes 40 peel & stick metal circle bases in 3 sizes, and 24 markers in yellow, white, pink, red, light blue, medium purple, dark blue, dark purple, dark green, light green, light brown, and dark brown.

Click here to order.

Bag of Holding – $10 per player

While my boyfriend DaveTheGame doesn’t use his Bag of Holding as his gaming bag, he absolutely loves it. True to its namesake, this messenger bag really feels like it’s bigger on the inside.

You can easily fit a laptop, an iPad, rule books, a box of miniatures, GM screen, map tiles, a bag of dice, pencils and snacks inside. (And you’d have room for more!)

Check it out at ThinkGeek.*

Expedit Storage & Display Unit – up to $20 per player


Home of furniture for college kids and divorced men.

If your GM’s gaming space is a mess and you’ve stepped on one too many d4s, perhaps chipping in for an Expedit storage & display unit from IKEA and some Drona boxes to fill it would be your best investment.

Fill the boxes with minis, map tiles, dice, and all your GMs gaming accessories. Leave a box empty to display bigger “miniatures” like dragons.

Check it out at your local IKEA.

Dwarven Forge Miniature Terrain – $20+ per player

If you play a fantasy RPG that relies heavily on miniatures, Dwarven Forge is pretty much your GM’s wet dream. It’s that thing he wishes he could have but can’t justify spending the money on.

…and what is Christmas about?

It’s about getting things for people that they’d never buy themselves!

You can get a standard set of Dwarven Forge for around $100 and there are expansions and accessories galore. I have to warn you, though, they’re apparently very addictive. Check out Mike Shea’s articles on Sly Flourish about getting the most bang for your Dwarven Forge buck. (And he’s spent a lot of bucks!)

Go on, take a peek at Dwarven Forge.

Add to Our List!

GMs, what’s on your wishlist this holiday season?

Full disclosure: E works at ThinkGeek.

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