Geek’s Dream Girl’s Top 10 Articles of 2010

Your clicks, retweets, and Facebookings have spoken!

Here are the top 10 articles of 2010 by traffic:

1. Needles of Knitting +5: Using The Craft Skill To Its Best Advantage

2. GenCon 2010 Update: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

3. Coping With Being Single: Ur Doin’ It Wrong

4. Brainless Act Leads to Smart Decision

5. LiveBlogging: Dungeons & Dragons Experience 2010 (DDXP)

6. Top 5 Anime Speech Patterns that Drive Us Nuts

7. 5 Gosh-Honest Reasons Why Your Dating Life Sucks

8. Doctor Who: In Defense of Amy Pond

9. A Laugh and a Lesson: “My Girlfriend Gave Me Harpies”

10. If You’re Anything Like E, You Will Hate Dragon*Con

Top 10 Oldie-But-Goodie articles by traffic:

1. Choosing a Good Online Dating Username is Like Writing a Hit Song (2008)

2. Geeks Can Cook: Apple Pie Breakfast (#fit4gencon) (2009)

3. Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek Girl (2008)

4. D&D At The Library: The Adventure of Little Rogue (2009)

5. Mysteries: How To Tell If Someone Is A Paying Member (2009)

6. Dinner and a Movie? Yawn. First Date Ideas That Are Different! (2008)

7. The Return of Red Dwarf: Still Flying High (2009)

8. e’s Soapbox: Why OkCupid Is NOT Ok (2008, and I’ve changed my mind since then!)

9. Acting Like A Gay Guy Helps You Get The Girl (2008/2010)

10. It Was Trash From First Hello: Fix Your Dating Email Subject Lines (2009)

How about you?

What was your favorite Geek’s Dream Girl article of 2010?

What other blog did you discover in 2010 that has rocked your socks?

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