New Year’s Resolutions (in Metropolis)

The Superhero:

  1. Work on wittier one-liners for busting criminals. Been reusing a lot of them lately.
  2. Spend more time with my beard fake fiancée. The press is starting to think we’re only fake-dating.
  3. Find a new hairdresser. So sick of this curl. So nineties.

The Sidekick:

  1. Ask the Big Guy for pants!
  2. Take down a baddie all on my own!
  3. Write a witty one-liner for when I take down a baddie! All on my own!

The Plucky Love Interest:

  1. Finally figure out who that dashingly handsome superhero is. He’s gotta be someone way cooler than this other guy who is inexplicably in my life.
  2. Work on communication my emotions and really figuring out who I am as a person and not an extension of some man.
  3. More shopping, less getting kidnapped.

The Villain:

  1. Finally defeat that cursed superhero, and his little sidekick too.
  2. Find a cheaper source for bulk mechanical parts. Doomsday devices don’t grow on trees, you know.
  3. Hit the gym. I paid for that membership all last year and never used it.

The Minion

  1. Be the best minion I can be.
  2. Earn that raise the boss keeps promising me every time I get hideously disfigured or beaten up.
  3. Spend more time with the kids.

The Intrepid GeeksDreamGirl Blogger

  1. Keep eating healthily, keep a food journal, and keep watching portions – joining +5CHA will be a good start.
  2. Thoroughly spoil my wife as often and as much as I can.
  3. Write a little bit every day. Take pictures, sketch, knit, design, create something beautiful.

In this season of fresh starts and resolutions, what are your big dreams? What are you going to do differently this year? Are you going to stop something, start something, make something, grow something? What are your geeky resolutions – learn a new game, DM your first game, organise your comic books? Happy New Year, everyone!

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