Dresden Files RPG: Character Concepts for Sexy White Court Vampires

I’m eventually going to be playing in a Dresden Files RPG campaign. We rolled up characters and have a wiki, but being a group of busy adults that live all over the DC metro makes it hard for us to find the time to actually… y’know… play.

Before I had even started reading the novels – I’m on book 9, BTW, so NO SPOILERS (other than the ones I’ve already heard… *sigh*) – my wonderful boyfriend, DaveTheGame announced that I would want to be a White Court Vampire. I raised an eyebrow. Then he explained the sexiness of House Raith and I was sold.

[WARNING: Language in this post may get slightly NSFW.]

I’d tell you about my character, but that would be crazy. If you want to read about Jane “Charity Doe” Davenport, here’s her character sheet.

Here are a few ideas you might want to use in your Dresden Files RPG, either as a player concept or as a way to integrate the White Court in your campaign.

Death By Sex: Assisted Suicide Clinic

How many people have ever said that if they were gonna die, it would be awesome for it to happen during a particularly passionate lovemaking session? (Or hey, in the midst of a fantastic fuck. Let’s not mince words.)

If you’re a particularly enterprising White Court Vampire who enjoys feeding fully, but doesn’t want to kill those who want to live, this is the perfect business model.  Client comes in, wanting to end it all in (but in a pleasant and non-painful way). They sign a contract for your sexual services, walk into the back room, and you take care of the rest.

The client gets the death they want. You get to feed (and probably a bit of money too).  Win-win.

(Note: Suicide in real life is not a matter to be taken lightly.
If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide,
click here to reach out for help.

Vengeance ‘R Us: An End To Your Cheating Spouse

In our world, a woman can hire a private investigator to follow her hubby around and collect evidence that he’s cheating. In fact, she could hire another woman to seduce him at a bar and see if he takes the bait. For the Dresdenverse, why not take this one step further?

Our woman finds out her husband is a cheating bastard. She wants him dead. Moreover, she wants him dead in a way that she can play the grieving widow and collect his insurance money.

She hires our enterprising White Court Vampire, who seduces the husband and brings him back to her place. Death by sex. (Hey, at least it’s merciful, it’s not like she hired one of Marcone’s guys!) Once the investigation is over, wifey is cleared of all suspicion, collects her insurance money and discreetly passes a percentage to the vampire helper.

Virgin Surgeon

If your White Court Vampire enjoys virgins (and what White Court Vampire DOESN’T?) why not set up shop as a virgin surgeon? Find those high school or college age guys who are just dying to get the first time out of the way, collect a nominal fee (or heck, do it out of the goodness of your heart!) and “fix” their problem. Of course, you’d have to leave them alive after the fact.

…also, they’d never have anyone as good as you ever again. Poor guys.

In the know… or not?

Of course the interesting thing to consider is how vanilla humans would find out about these White Court Vampire services. Do they know exactly what the person they’re hiring is and can do? Is it just a rumor that this woman can fuck you to death? How are the services advertised?  Do the “wrong” people ever get killed?

That’s up to you and the people in your campaign, though!

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