Are You Making Easy-To-Fix Mistakes In Your Dating Profile?

Get out your eraser (aka backspace key!)

There’s something in your dating profile that is sending your potential matches running for the hills… or is there?

If your dating profile is under-performing (lots of views but very few winks and emails), do a quick check to see if you’ve made one of these easy-to-fix mistakes:

Inappropriate or Confusing Photos

Gentlemen, no matter how buff you are, a shirtless photo is never the way to go. (Ladies, unless you’re on an adult dating site, shirtless photos are out for you, too.)  If you have a photo where you’re at the beach and you think your face looks awesome, find the original hi-res photo and crop it so only your face is showing. Problem solved!

For everyone, keep your photos to the most recent pictures you have of yourself. This goes double-triple-OMG-quadruple if you’ve changed your appearance significantly through weight gain or loss, or drastic changes in your hair color or style.

It is tempting to keep the photos of you ten pounds lighter on your profile, but it’s just going to cause problems when you meet dates in person and they’re shocked by your current appearance. (Ever meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while who has gained weight? You really notice it because it doesn’t match the memory of the person in your head. Ten pounds DOES make a difference. Keep the pictures current.)

Guys, if you used to sport a beard a few months ago but now you don’t, try to keep your photos to mostly the current look. It helps to add a line in your profile (or in the captions of your pictures, if your site offers that feature) that mentions your current facial hair situation.

Unpossibly Failing English

While we all take liberties with spelling and grammar while IMing with our friends or trying to squeeze a few extra characters into a tweet, your dating profile is a place to treat the language with respect.

Put your profile through your favorite spelling & grammar checker, even if that’s your mom. Having a well-written profile shows that you’re putting your best effort into your dating life. It bodes well for future things!

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Being Boring (Even Though You’re Far From It)

There’s nothing more of a buzzkill than seeing a profile that features pictures of an adorable person but text that makes me feel like I’m reading the side of a cereal box.

“I don’t know what to write here. I like my job (most of the time). On weekends, I hang with my friends. My coworkers say I should try online dating to find someone, so here I am. Email me if you want to learn more.”

Do you know what you’ve just done? You’ve asked someone to do work to get to know you, rather than being open and offering some details about yourself. Why should they email you if the next profile they read clearly lists the type of activities and interests that pique their interests? I mean, they could email you, but find out you’re not interesting. Waste of time. We’re all short on time, so make sure your profile gives some specifics about what you’re all about.

Going Overboard

Here’s the flip side of being boring. Just because a dating profile will let you write 500 words doesn’t mean you need to write 500 words. In fact, the best dating profiles out there are exactly two paragraphs long.  Think of your dating profile like the back cover of a book or a movie trailer; it should have just enough information to reel someone in, not enough to give away the whole story.  After all, you need things to discuss on your dates!

Have Questions?

Wondering if something is appropriate for your dating profile? Leave a comment and I’ll give you my professional opinion. I can’t critique whole profiles in the comments, but I’m always up for some quick advice-giving!

After You Comment, GO AWAY!

No really. Check out my guest post on Cupid’s Pulse, where I give you some tips on how to write a profile that doesn’t sound like the back of a cereal box.

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