+4 to Initiative: Your Geek Horoscope for January 2011

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  My name is Ryven Cedrylle and I’m still thrilled to have a column here on Geek’s Dream Girl.     Each month, I’ll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.  (Go here for last month’s article!)  As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some inescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where you may or may not have seen them before.  Now – draw your weapon, ready your mind and don’t forget to add your +4 To Initiative!

For Everyone

HAPPY NEW YEAR! – In the astrological field we don’t really give a flying fart about the New Year.. at least not from a technical perspective anyway.  It’s really just another day.  There’s a little bit more excitement about the Spring Equinox when the Sun hits 0° Aries but even THAT’S not really a huge deal.  Thus I’m going to need a new discipline with which to generate my share of wild speculation about 2011.  Luckily, I also dabble in numerology part-part-time (yes, there’s two “part-”s there) and numerology does care about the New Year quite vociferously, so we’re going to detour here in the opening.

To start, add the digits of your month and date of birth, but NOT year.  For me, these digits are 0-0-3-8 (in no particular order) which adds to 11.  If your sum also adds to double digits, add those digits together as well; we ‘in the biz’ call this process gemmatria.  I’m looking at a 2 to start with (1+1) and since I’ll be talking about my wife in comparison to me (big surprise there, eh?) her value here is 1 (0-0-7-3).  Now, add 4 (2+0+1+1) to the number for this year, resulting in your Personal Year Number.  That gives me a 6 and my wife a 5.

“Cute, Ryven..  so.. now what?”

The best single thing to do with this number is figure out when your last 1 was and what you were doing that year.  My last 1 was in 2006 – the year I got married.  Since 6 is the number of responsibility, duty, honor, loyalty and domestic issues.  Thus I should expect shoring up finances and trying to build our family as my primary focus.  On the other hand, my wife’s last 1 was in 2007 – when she started trying to figure out her career.  Her 5 indicates expansion, exploration and opportunity; true to form, she started this year by applying for new, better-paying and more mentally stimulating jobs.  The combination hints to me that any adoption proceedings will probably land on my shoulders in terms of time and effort, so I should prepare for that as well since my wife will be ‘present’ elsewhere.  Here’s the list of numbers and their related concepts so you can do this for yourself and your loved ones:

1 – Unity, Glory, Victory, Beginnings
2 – Balance, Partnership, Negotiations, Finding Connections
3 – Information, Communication, Humor, Speed
4 – Structure, Organization, Teaching, Standards
5 – Exploration, Freedom, Joy, Inventiveness
6 – Loyalty, Honor, Responsibility, Family
7 – Faith, Philosophy, Meaning, Social Consciousness
8 – Power, Acquisitions, Manifestations, Will
9 – Service, Humility, Wrapping Up Loose Ends, Healing

Okay, enough of that.  Let’s get to the individual signs.


W00t! Jupiter enters your home sign on the 22nd!  Jupiter is the Great Benefic – the planet of growth, expansion and good times.  The last occurrence of this phenomena was 12 years ago, meaning you should in fact party like it’s 1999!  Jupiter is going to stay in Aries but for a brief six months, however, due to where everybody is on their orbital patterns so you’re going to want to pack it all in like a sealed bottle of Coke and Mentos.  Feel like traveling anywhere?  Trying to up your fame or notoriety within your chosen field?  Don’t waste any time – take the next couple weeks to formulate a plan and then get moving!


Wheeling and dealing is not your normal game, Taurus, but you might want to consider working on that Diplomacy skill for January, especially if you’re signing any contracts or making any large purchases.  You will have Juno, the Sun, Pallas, Pluto and either Mars or Mercury making  helpful trines (120° angle) to you from Virgo and Capricorn.   It would be a real shame to have all that leverage available to you and not use it.  I would advise you to not simply take offers this month – push back a little.  You are the Immovable Object to begin with and can be very persuasive when you get a little inertia behind you.  While I am by no means urging you to break Wil Wheaton’s Number 1 Rule of Everything – “Don’t Be a D***” – you should at least be shrewd for your own sake and for the benefit of your loved ones.


Gemini folks (close to Jun 18th) are going to be in for it this month as your Sun sits as the fourth point in a Juno-Jupiter/Uranus-Vesta Grand Cross in Mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini).  A Grand Cross without the fourth point is called a T-Square and, like a three legged coffee table, is pretty flippin’ wobbly.  That gives you a fair amount of power though since you hold the stabilizing factor.  The T-Square as it stands is an issue of independent growth versus mutual benefit aggravated by asset management.  That makes it kind of like in Euchre where you have a great hand and could probably “go in alone” for the points but in doing so, you force your partner to fold.   A game of Munchkin might be another good example – knowing when to leave your buddy behind (or worse!) for your personal benefit.  Gemini, you’re the observer to this phenomena – possibly deemed a betrayal by some – but not necessarily a part of it.  It will be your job to facilitate communication between the two parties.  You’re not responsible for their decisions, but they will come to you to take sides.  Remain neutral, try to keep it light, and do the best you can.


The first part of this month is pretty interesting for you, Cancer, but then after that it’s kind of a waiting game.  Venus reaches her maximum western elongation (further distance behind the Sun) on the 3rd at 24° Scorpio and then Jupiter and Uranus reach optimum conjunction (closeness) between the 4th and the 6th in Pisces; both are water signs and provide you with helpful trines (120° angles).  To borrow from my evangelical fundamentalist background, now is a good time to “name it and claim it” – whatever “it” happens to be.  Act on that sense of entitlement you’re nursing to take the next step toward getting what you feel is rightfully yours.  Just be aware that you have quite the array of planets opposing you in Capricorn (the Sun, Mars, Vesta, Mercury, Pluto and Pallas) so you may want someone around to warn you about overstepping your bounds.  Things should pick up again around the 22nd when Jupiter switches into a square (90°) to you from Aries.


So Leo, you have Venus moving into opening trine (120° angle) in Sagittarius, Jupiter moving into closing trine in Aries, and Chiron, Neptune, Mars, and Ceres opposite you in Aquarius.  That puts you in a sort of pleasant prison for the month.  On the one hand, the trines from Venus and Jupiter bring you happiness and abundance, but if you reach to grasp or increase those benefits, the oppositions from Aquarius threaten to take it all away like some sort of real-life Tantalus.  Janurary seems to be a good month – maybe a little extra money, maybe a little extra free time, whatever.  Accept what you’ve been given with gratitude.


Have you had it up to here yet, Virgo?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  January presents an unusual opportunity for you.  You sit at the Juno end of the Juno-Jupiter/Uranus-Vesta T-square meaning that as Juno turns retrograde near the middle of the month, you get the chance to turn someone away or break a contract for your own benefit.  It’s a rare thought for you since Virgo prides itself on loyalty and supporting others; on the one hand, such an act feels very unnatural to you but clearly it’s the most logical thing to do.  Furthermore, you have a number of trines from Capricorn urging you to ‘do it!’ in soft whispers.  This is early “we can save her” Senator Palpatine-type stuff, not the blatant “Strike me down in your anger!” Emperor Palpatine-type stuff.  Is it evil?  Not likely – the opposition is with Jupiter/Uranus and certainly others wouldn’t blame you for taking the self-benefiting route.  You will have to decide, however, what you can do with a clear conscience.


Jupiter barges into your opposing Sign, Aries, on the 22nd.  Having this aspect with Saturn in your home sign can be exhausting.  You just want to slow down, enjoy things and think awhile but the pressure’s on and you won’t get stuff done if you rest on your laurels.  Furthermore, you have Mercury, Pallas and Pluto squaring you (90° angle) from Capricorn, stunting your ability to effectively  rationalize your situation.  What you have going for you, though, is Mars and Ceres in Aquarius.  You have the energy to hack’n’slash your way through the clutter even if you don’t seem to be able to attack the problem in an efficient or organized way.  Think of yourself like a DDoS attack – millions and millions of ordinarily harmless pings all hitting a server at once from many directions.  It’s simple and completely lacks any style or grace, but it works.  Push through with all your strength and you will see the other side.


Venus leaves your home sign early in the month and Jupiter leaves the trine from Pisces later on, indicating that this month might be kind of a downer.  On top of that, Ceres and Mars are in closing square (90°) which hints to me at a lack of personal energy or fulfillment.  Perhaps a loss early on in the year or just coming down from all the highs and stress of the holidays?  Scorpio is very good at two things: biding its time and striking at the perfect moment.  This is a biding sort of month, not a striking month.  Take a good assessment of your life and environment.  Watch how people and events are unfolding.  Spend a round making Perception and Insight checks.  Even if there seems to be no immediate use for the information, you are Scorpio and you will find one eventually.  Pull back into your comfort zone and wait.  Things will get better and more interesting in the future.


You have Venus and Vesta in your home sign this month, Sagittarius.  What does that mean?  Money – plain and simple.  Okay, maybe not money exactly but wealth; it’s your assets, investments, possessions and accounts.  There is a significant focus on what you have in January.  I would recommend doing your taxes early this year as you may owe or be owed more money than you expected.  This is not the kind of aspect where you go ask your boss for a raise, but the kind where you review your 401k or stock portfolio.  For what it’s worth, I would make sure you get completely out of any financial products based on student loans as I think that market is going to collapse pretty soon.  I’d also recommend taking a look at the financial astrology reports from Robert Merriman if you do your own trading and have an interest in astrology.  The guy makes his living  playing the market by the planets.  Fascinating stuff, really.  The long and the short of it is balance your checkbook, look over your retirement fund (start one if you don’t have one!), and organize your attic.  You’ll be glad you did.


Your home sign gets quite crowded early on in the month, Capricorn, and though the party slowly dies down, you’ll be feeling the effects for a good couple weeks.  At its height on the 15th you have the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Pluto, and Pallas sprawled across your sign.  This is a VERY combative sort of stellium (conjunction of more than two planets), so don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the warpath in January.  The harbingers of victory – namely Mars and Pallas – are on your side, but don’t get into fights just for the sake of it.  Even Scrooge McDuck knew you have to play by the rules for lasting success.


Like your star-sister Capricorn (both ruled by Saturn), you get a crazy stellium as well in January.  Yours starts up on the 30-31th with Chiron, Neptune, the Sun, Ceres, and Mars and then peaks on Feb 4th when Mercury and the Moon join the festivities.  With this many planets in play, it’s nearly impossible to interpret with any sort of accuracy, but let’s notice something important.  Every major money-related planet (Vesta, Venus and Pluto) is out-of-touch with you during this time.  Despite the seeming importance of the event, it is entirely immaterial.  That is, it has no bearing on your financial status so don’t worry about that.  Now it may have a SIGNIFICANT impact on your social life or your life goals as those things are very near and dear to Aquarius.  Perhaps there’s some kind of coup within your circle of friends or you and your family suffer through a number of hilarious cross-country antics only to find out they’ve closed down Wally World forever.  It looks like a strongly personal but relatively mild disappointment.  Aquarius is nothing if not idealistic, however, and I fully expect you to find some new project or goal in the remains of the old one.


You stand on the Jupiter/Uranus end of the  Juno-Jupiter/Uranus-Vesta T-square, which puts you in a somewhat vulnerable position.  Juno going into retrograde opposite you is usually indicative of a break or fracture in relationship that costs you some of the fun or benefit encapsulated in the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.  What’s important for you is to not read too much into it.  You may feel like you’re being betrayed, but make sure you have all your facts before you jump to that conclusion.  Your friend or lover may be doing something for him/herself without even knowing you’re hurt.  Confront that person calmly; with a little luck and a little more work, all may still be well.  If it’s not, then it wasn’t meant to be and that’s alright too.

Ryven Cedrylle is a Christian, husband, pharmaceutical chemist, gamer and astrologer – in that order.  He contributes regularly to the At-Will Blog and the Power Source Podcast .  Find out more about astrology and Ryven’s unique services at http://www.christian-astrology.com.  Also, please take a moment to help Ryven’s wife’s dream of being a mommy come true!  “Like” Everlasting Adoptions on Facebook to improve their publicity and unite needy children with loving homes.

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