Lose Weight! Get Fit! Learn Recipes! Get a +5 CHA Bonus!

I could have posted this right at the start of the new year, but I held back. Why? Because every other blog (okay, including ours!) was cranking out the New Year’s resolution content.


What did you eat yesterday?

Did you hit the gym? Take a walk? Drink your water?

…did you just groan and put on your sad face?

Changing Habits is Hard (Especially When Your Support System… Isn’t)

It can be hard to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, especially if you’re living with people who don’t need or don’t want to change the way they live and eat. Sure, they love you, but when they demand stuffed crust pizza and fried chicken on a weekly basis, it doesn’t feel like love. When they mock your salad when you go out to eat, it doesn’t feel like love. Been there, done that. It sucks.

+5 CHA is a small and vibrant community of geeks like you. College geeks, professional geeks, unemployed geeks, single geeks, married geeks, geeks with little kids, geeks with grown-up kids. You name it, we probably have someone that’s in your age bracket and family situation.

We have geeks that losing weight (with progress pics to prove it!), geeks that are lifting weights to gain muscle mass, and geeks that are just trying to learn a few new tricks in the kitchen and eat a few more veggies.

Our community will be your support system every day, all day and night. Just log in, leave a message, and we’ll help!

Learn New Things!

Darya of SummerTomato was recently interviewed on MSNBC about the new dietary guidelines, released yesterday. You can check out the video on her personal blog. The scariest part was when the anchor admitted he couldn’t remember the last time he ate a vegetable. Eek!  If you need help eating better, the folks at +5 CHA would love to share recipes and tips with you.

Not sure where to start at the gym? We have members keeping detailed workout logs on +5 CHA. Every day, every workout. Why not try someone else’s workout on for size? Ask them how it’s going, learn from their stories.

Hang Out, Geek Out

We have an off-topic forum for discussing other random things at +5 CHA, too. Bottom line, come join us. We won’t bite… unless you’re a tasty vegetable.

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