+4 to Initiative: Your Geek Horoscope for February 2011

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  My name is Ryven Cedrylle and I continue to be thrilled to have a column here on Geek’s Dream Girl.     Each month, I’ll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.  (Go here for last month’s article!)  As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some inescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where you may or may not have seen them before.  Now – draw your weapon, ready your mind and don’t forget to add your +4 To Initiative!

For Everyone

Feb 9 and Feb 20 – Saturn and Juno went retrograde near the end of January, making all major outer planets too near to station points to be moving all that quickly and thus major angular aspects rare this month.  What we have instead for February is a couple of significant if brief triple conjunctions.  The first of these is on Feb 9th at 6° Capricorn; a confluence of Venus, Pluto and Vesta converges on this point for less than 24 hours, aided by the Moon in the early degrees of Taurus during the night of the 9th/10th.  What do Venus, Vesta and Pluto have in common?  Money.  Three of the four financial major financial planets (Ceres is the fourth) come together in the sign of authority, tradition and structure.  Other themes held by at least two of the three are values, birth,  and the repercussions of repression.  A quick Google search gives me two excellent examples.  First, the riots in Tunisia are inspiring other African peoples to start revolting also.  An Algerian protest rally is planned for the 9th.  Given the planetary alignments, I expect this to be historically important; let’s hope and pray that’s a good thing.  Second, and closer to home culturally for us, Valve is releasing Portal 2 on the 9th as well.  While I doubt they actually planned the release according to the stars, it’s a solid move nonetheless.  I’d be stunned if the actual sales don’t blow past Valve’s projections by a goodly margin.

The other peak activity date this month is Feb 20th when Mars, Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 28° Aquarius for a few hours.  Mars is action, competition and aggression.  Mercury is travel, messages and logical thought; Neptune is faith, mysticism, concealment and misdirection.  If you’re like me, ‘Sneak Attack’ is the first thing that crosses my mind when I see this alignment.  While I generally downplay sensationalist predictions like “hidden enemies,” I think it’s at least fair to be aware of the cloud of misdirection and/or paranoia that is likely to accompany the aspect regardless of whether anything really drastic happens.  “Fog of War” is another good tag I might throw down for this one; people attempting to send messages or make drastic actions without full sight of what’s going on.  The important bit here is the integration of intuition, body and mind.  Be prepared for the world around you to lurch and change directions a few times while the aspect is in play  and try to act as quickly and fully as possible.  Hold nothing back and stay in motion.


It’s still a pretty kickin’ month for you, Aries.  Jupiter’s in your home sign and the Sun makes its biennial (occuring every two years) conjunction to your ruling planet Mars, giving both you and your star sister Scorpio something of a fresh start.  Saturn is still opposite you but retrograde so the main constriction or limits you feel are within yourself, not in the world around you.  While I encourage you to keep on the path of achievement you planned in January, be wary of folks offering  financial support or resources that appear to be ‘to good to be true.’  They probably are and you’ll probably regret it when the errata updates inevitably see release near the end of the month.  There are plenty of reasonable options available that you should be investigating instead.


The Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo) except for Aquarius are pretty darn empty in February but the Earth sector is still seeing a lot of activity.  In particular, your ruling planet Venus moves into a closing trine (120°) to you from Capricorn and is involved in the early-month stellium.  She’s also in what astrologers refer to as her ‘Oriental’ or ‘morning star’ phase wherein she is trying to regain her essential dignity.  (“Essential dignity” is a technical term, but for purposes of interpretation it retains the meaning of ‘inherent rights’ or ‘natural status.’)  Where are you feeling cheated or left behind? February is the month to make like Odysseus and come up with a plan to get back to where you’re supposed to be.  It will not be without difficulty though as the stellium in Aquarius will be pulling your attention away from your own matters. Say ‘no’ occasionally so you can keep your own house in order as well.


February is no less interesting for you than January, though in a different way.  Unlike last month’s Grand Cross, this month carries a Grand Trine – three or more planets in 120° aspects, creating an equilateral triangle.  The Grand Trine kicks down the gates and lets through whatever happens to be on the other side.  This month’s pattern is composed of your Sun, Saturn retrograde in Libra and then Mars/Mercury/Neptune/Sun/Ceres/Chiron out in Aquarius.  Under the current configuration, your personal energy level goes way up, but with Saturn in retrograde it is unfocused.  Furthermore lacking Jupiter in the grouping, you don’t have the time or resources to follow up on all of your options.  As a Gemini, you’re a better multi-tasker than most so perhaps you can juggle two or three opportunities, but even you have your limits.  Focus on the things that improve your health and image first.  May I once again recommend +5CHA, a geek-focused fitness and nutrition forum?


The early-month stellium is of more importance to you, Cancer, since it sits directly opposite you in Capricorn.  You are protected to some extent from the Aquarius stellium since you sit in quincunx (150°) and are thus disconnected from it.  An opposition symbolizes a need for balance; the way you have handled your finances in the last 9-10 months or so will make all the difference here.  If you have been shrewd and tight-fisted in that time, expect to have the need to loosen your grasp.  Conversely, if you’ve spent more freely, watch for the event that triggers a saving spree.  Debts often settle during this aspect, both those you owe and those that are owed to you. You may feel a little like you’re living in Animal Crossing or one of the old King’s Quest games what with all the stuff being passed around, but you should come out just fine…   keep notes just in case.


You are very much the opposite of your neighbor Cancer this month.  You’re being affected by the late-month stellium in Aquarius due to your opposition from it but are shielded from the early-month stellium since you sit in quincunx (150°).  The Sun and Mars are both fiery planets (ruling Leo and Aries respectively) and given your natural fiery nature, this configuration can easily become ‘fighting fire with fire’  (which is a decent Metallica song, btw).  Conflict is inevitable in February and it should be pretty spectacular.  Your opposition uses the same tactics you do which is helpful since you know what to expect, but you’re both after the same resources.  Timing is everything; the one who gets their message out first will win.  Good luck.


Juno is still fooling around in retrograde at the end of your home sign and will get picked off by a combination of Venus and  Pallas during the last week of February.  This puts your relationships – primarily romantic, but also functional such as a roommate or business partner – in the spotlight for that time.  The presence of the trine pushes things forward and since Pallas is the symbol of creativity and spontaneity, you will want to take advantage of luck tending toward random acts of affection.  Surprise vacation?  Proposal?  Maybe you just have tickets to that thing your partner likes (bonus points if you can turn the tickets into diamonds!)?  It’s a good investment of any windfall you might pick up from the early-month Capricorn stellium.  Whatever you decide, do so with confidence.  Confidence is sexy.


Last month’s obstacles become this month’s resources!  You already spent a month trying to make progress without proper foresight so you’ve got a leg up when things get muddled near the end of February.  You can use the confusion to your advantage if you want and in true Libra fashion, let me suggest that you do so to level out the playing field for everyone.  Libra is known for pushing fairness and equality, usually meaning that you have a pet ‘project’ involving someone who’s gotten the short end of life.  See if you can do something to promote this person or cause’s well-being in the next few weeks. Perhaps instead you’d like to start something in secret – a new game, movie or written work?  You can keep things hidden without much effort in February.  Let your artistic side loose within your Batcave and see what arises.


Last month, I told you to just sit tight and watch, remember?  By the 20th or so, you’ll have a better idea why.  The first couple weeks are still pretty quiet.  However, Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Chiron roll into Pisces (a 120° trine to you) around then, pointing out where you need to go next.  This is a clear and  obvious sign which is nice since Scorpio can get tripped up in subtleties.  Don’t overthink; the answer to your question is staring you in the face even if it seems baffling to others.  Find your inner Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth) and get to work.


You did all your money stuff LAST month, Sagittarius so February is not going to be quite so much about the Benjamins for you.  On the other hand, your ruling planet Jupiter just moved into opening trine (120°) to you in Aries which is a nice help since you’re smack-dab between Juno retrograde in Virgo and the slow procession of small planets into Pisces.  I’m going to suggest that you go see The Dilemma, not because it’s an amazing flick but because you may find yourself in this sort of situation by month’s end.  You are privy to information important to someone close to you, but said person may not necessarily be happy with your message.  Your opposite, Gemini, had a similar problem last month – maybe go have a chat?  While I normally would advise against butting into other people’s business like this (again, see Gemini last month), see if you can actually do something about this problem.  You can offer more than just information this time.


Yet another interesting stellium for you, though admittedly having Pluto in your sign tends to do that since he hangs around so frickin’ long.  Your ruling planet (Saturn) is retrograde, Jupiter is square (90°) to you and you have three of of the big spender planets in your home sign.  That might be enough to break even YOUR rock-solid discipline, Capricorn.  The urge for comfort is strong, the guard is down and the means are available.  If it were anybody else I’d say to curb those feelings, but you tend to be such a straight-arrow that cutting loose would likely do you a world of good.  I vaguely recall maybe using the World of Cardboard speech once before, but it really makes sense here.


Obviously the big deal for you this month  is the Mars/Neptune/Mercury stellium as mentioned in the opening.  Everything up there goes double for you.  Your other saving grace is that as an Aquarius, your networking skills tend to be a step ahead of everyone else.  You can assimilate and intrepret information a lot quicker than most, so when misinformation gets out there, you’re usually the first to get it AND the first to figure out it’s wrong.  Get your Snopes on at the end of the month when what you’re being told doesn’t make any sense.  Like Libra, timing is everything.  You have the First Strike class feature in February – make good use of it.


Hopefully all went well for you last month, Pisces.  Juno is still sitting opposite you in retrograde, a quiet reminder of strained connections.  However, good news is on the way.  The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Chiron move into your home sign with about a week and a half left in February giving you a distinct boost in the areas of dominance, energy and speaking skill.  To some extent such things are kind of a strange match as Pisces doesn’t like to be in the spotlight all that much.  Still, everyone needs their moment in the sun (pardon the pun) and it’s your turn.  What is it that you’ve been nurturing and cultivating for a while now?  What idea, project or opinion do you have for the world that has yet to see the light of day?  Time to burn an Action Point and turn it loose!

Ryven Cedrylle (@ryvencedrylle) is a Christian, husband, pharmaceutical chemist, gamer and astrologer – in that order.  He’s the second-hand man at the At-Will Blog and is up for a Skype RPG almost anytime.  Find out more about astrology and Ryven’s unique services at http://www.christian-astrology.com.  Also, please take a moment to help Ryven’s wife’s dream of being a mommy come true!  “Like” Everlasting Adoptions on Facebook to improve their publicity and unite needy children with loving homes.

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