Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Geek

Nothing says love like losing your sanity! Valentine’s Day is on Monday and you’re still looking for a gift idea for your geek sweetie? Yikes! Let us give you a hand, but be forewarned, you may be paying some extra shipping to get it there in time.

Crochet Cthulhu from CthulhuChick

Elder gods know how to love! Check out CthulhuChick’s Etsy store, where she has tons of adorable little handmade Cthulhus, just waiting for homes.

There’s even a Cylon-thulhu and a Chef-thulhu. And a bonus: You can buy a gift certificate for a Custom Cthulhu and let your sweetie pick out the colors and style they like best.

CthulhuChick’s Etsy store

Marsbarn Dice Bags

Another great crafter for the geek community, Marsbarn sews up the sturdiest reversible dice bags you’ll ever see. I’ve had mine for several years now and it still looks good as new.

Again, custom orders are possible! If the geek that stole your heart is in need of a new dice bag, get a gift certificate and let them choose their own fabric to make a totally unique and awesome dice bag.

Marsbarn dice bags on Etsy


I was a customer (and drooler-over-things) long before I became their copywriter… and for good reason. We have fun stuff.

New this year is the 8-Bit Bouquet. If your sweetie hates flowers because they die so quickly, get these! No water, no death. All awesome.

Got a girl who is into jewelry? The Circuit Sweetheart Necklace or Anatomical Heart Necklace might be right up her alley.

…and finally, even though Darya of SummerTomato called it her BS of the Week, check out Le Whif, the inhalable chocolate. All the taste with barely any calories. Screw the heart-shaped Whitman’s box – get your chocoholic this instead.

Valentine’s Stuff at ThinkGeek

Amazon Wishlist

Don’t underestimate this one!  Folks will usually beef up their wishlist just before the Winter holidays and promptly forget about it until the next year. Why not snag them something that Santa forgot? You know they still want it.

For example, if’n you wanted to buy me a Valentine’s Day present (and possibly incur a raised eyebrow from DaveTheGame), my wishlist is right here.

Good luck with your last minute shopping, geek friends!

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