Whoniverse in the Off-Season

They say spring is coming, and with it, the new season of Doctor Who, but right now you might be feeling more like you’re in the doldrums.  We’re roughly at the halfway point between the last Christmas Special and the beginning of the new season; that’s potentially two whole months to go!  

There’s hope, however; Doctor Who is not the only show in the Whoniverse, and between them all, some DVDs have quietly been released or gone on sale, and some production news might have even slipped past.  Before we begin the new, “game-changing” season of Doctor Who, let’s make sure we’re all caught up, shall we?

Doctor Who

Filming has been going on for some time now for the next season, and honestly, I’ve been attempting to avoid spoilers.  However, released just in time to get us through the next few months is the DVD of the latest Christmas Special, Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol, for only ten bucks.  For those of you who are fancy, it’s on Blu-Ray, too.

Also released in the last few days is the DVD of Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition).  Yes, I’m talking about that TV movie from 1996.  I haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet, but I hear it’s God-awful, blasphemous, and the TARDIS looks like the set of the “November Rain” video, so of course I have to see it eventually.


Of course, right now the big Torchwood news is that they’re filming for the new fourth season, in a cross-continental partnership between BBC Cymru Wales, BBC Worldwide and Starz.  We know how Russell T Davies likes to do things on an epic scale, and it looks like he’s trying to outdo even himself this time around.

The show will still have Gwen and Jack, but other names added to the list include Lauren Ambrose, Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman, and, most recently, Wayne Knight (yes, from Jurassic Park).  They’re filming all over the US, with an international plot, so, despite RTD’s assurances that the series will still have the spirit of Wales, this next season should definitely feel more big-budget.

Interestingly, RTD implied in a recent interview that he might be done with sci-fi for the time being (presumably after this upcoming series).  No word on what that means for the Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Torchwood DVDs are usually a little pricey, but surprisingly there’s a massive sale going on with their Blu-Rays – they’re far cheaper than the DVDs!  Snatch up the First Season, Second Season and Children of Earth while you can.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

This year should bring about the fifth season of The Sarah Jane Adventures; however, that doesn’t mean a whole lot to those of us in the US, who haven’t seen any of the show broadcast here since the first season.  Not all hope is lost, however!  The first two seasons of the show have been out for awhile, but just last month, Season Three was released on DVD.  We may be getting access to the show slowly, but at least we’re getting it at all!

Oh, and for those who find Sarah Jane kiddish – well, yes, it can be.  But as someone who eagerly waited for Are You Afraid of the Dark? every Saturday in the fourth grade, I beg you to think of the geeks of the future!  And let’s face it – while many kids absolutely adore Doctor Who, there are a few times when it’s a little scary or adult for the youngest geeklings.  I love that Sarah Jane fills that gap, and I wish we had more sf shows for kids.

For those who like to plunder the darkest corners of the internet and consume all things in the Whoniverse, I might also direct you towards Doctor Who Confidential, Sarah Jane’s Alien Files, and the new K-9, which is technically not part of the Doctor Who BBC universe, but is K-9 all the same.

Phew!  Hopefully that’s enough to keep us all busy for the two extraordinarily long months before Doctor Who hits the airwaves once more.   Honestly, at this point in the year, I’m beginning to appreciate the whole split-season idea… though I doubt I’ll feel the same about five weeks into the next season!

What about you?  What are you doing to keep busy before the new Who?  Do you have any Whoniverse news to share?  Spoilers to a minimum, please!

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