Express Yourself: Why Geeks Love Body Art

In case you've wondered what C's right shoulder looks like...

At first glance, I look completely normal (appearances can be…deceptive). My conservative day job means no wild hair colors, and my uniform consists of a neatly pressed button-down shirt and dress pants. *yawn* See me outside of work, in a Plus 5 to Sexterity tee and a pair of d20 earrings, and my geekdom is revealed, but I still look like a mild-mannered, jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl. But as summer approaches, and tees and jeans give way to tanks and shorts, and more skin is revealed… HOLY … [Read more...]

Movies That Molded a Geek: Beauty and the Beast


Yes, I know a Disney movie with a princess might not appeal to all of the usual readers, but bear with me - if ever a Disney film shaped the geek I was and who I would become, this one is it.  And if we're going to talk about a Disney princess, why not talk about the nerdiest one, eh?     In terms of Disney films, I was born at the perfect time.  I was six years old when The Little Mermaid hit theaters, in elementary school for the Big Four of the Second Golden Age of Disney Animation: The … [Read more...]

No One is Holding Your Face in the Twitter Stream


I've been noticing a trend on Twitter in the past few months that baffles me. It involves people bitching and whining about things they're reading on Twitter. It involves people demanding that other people change the way they use Twitter. It involves people asking that other people change the topics they care about and the things they care to share. And I think it's a load of bull. You're Doing It Wrong If your social networking experience isn't fun, you're doing it wrong. Mike … [Read more...]

An Animated Passport? Setting and Scenery in Anime and Manga


When it comes to anime and manga, we all have our favorite elements – characters, storyline, voice actors, music or artwork. But how about the scenery? In all the whys and whos of anime, it’s easy to forget about where. But location is a big part of the world in which our favourite stories take place. Makes sense, right? A fantasy world is a lot more compelling if the forests and mountains are beautiful and awe-inspiring, and a high-school romance feels just that bit more realistic if you can … [Read more...]

The Last Unicorn, the Movie: Through a Lens Both Nostalgic and Critical


Every once in a while, a movie, or book, or story comes down the road that just clicks with me, and, seemingly, with other fantasy fans. Oddly enough, a number of them have come from the Rankin/Bass studio, which I lampooned mercilessly in an earlier article about the Rankin/Bass Christmas Special RPG. Although the animated Christmas specials were my first exposure to R&B, so to speak, their place in my heart was really cemented by their production of The Hobbit, which, in some ways, put my … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Spooky Speculation


With only a month away before the Easter weekend premiere of the new season (or series, depending on your location) of Doctor Who, fans are brimming with speculation.  Here I present to you some of the main themes that are being hashed out on forums, and in my own personal conversation.  We only have a month left for our most radical ideas, after all!  (Note: While obviously I have no access to real spoilers, this does discuss the trailers and teasers for this season, as well as the events of … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: How Do I Translate “Woman” To English?


Dear Anon-O-Box, How do I translate "woman"? Specifically, if I get a polite response to my email that answers all my questions but asks none and seems written not to encourage response do I continue or should I just get a clue? - No Speakee This Language Ask the Anon-O-Box your question! Click here. e answers: Dear NSTL, The good news: You got a reply! (That's more than a lot of other guys can say about emails they've sent out.) The bad news: You're not sure if she's just … [Read more...]

What’s Love Got To Do With It, Part IX: When Love Fades


As much as everyone loves “happily ever after”, we all know that not all love affairs end that way. Love is complicated, relationships even more so, and sometimes things just don’t work out. Whether the once-raging fire of passion burns itself out too quickly, is doused by an outside force, or just slowly runs out of fuel and isn’t replenished, not all loves are forever. Sad. Relationships in your RPG don’t always last, either. There’s an added level of complication: there are more than two … [Read more...]

Butch Love: New in Butch-Femme Online Dating

Butch Femme

I could write reams on the dynamics of a butch-femme relationship, and how butch is both a personality trait and a gender in its own right. Actually, I have written reams on the subject before. Butches and femmes are part of a closed world-within-a-world, part of the wider gay community but in some ways set apart from it. A world of old-fashioned relationship dynamics wherein the butch opens doors, walks on the side of the street closest to traffic, always picks up the cheque, does everything … [Read more...]

PAX East 2011 Interviews: Turbine, DDO & LOTRO

I’m a geek. I know it’s shocking, but it’s true. So last year, when it was announced that the east coast branch of the PAX convention would be held in Boston, I was thrilled to death. I can hop on a subway just 4.5 blocks from my house and get on a train that will have me to the convention center in less than an hour. That’s a recipe for wonder. Sadly, I only managed to wrangle a one-day pass for various reasons last year, so my memory of PAX East 2010 is a blur of gaming, a chaotic, crowded … [Read more...]