Doctor Who: Spooky Speculation

With only a month away before the Easter weekend premiere of the new season (or series, depending on your location) of Doctor Who, fans are brimming with speculation.  Here I present to you some of the main themes that are being hashed out on forums, and in my own personal conversation.  We only have a month left for our most radical ideas, after all!  (Note: While obviously I have no access to real spoilers, this does discuss the trailers and teasers for this season, as well as the events of previous seasons, so beware!)

A Touch of Grey

Undoubtedly you’ve heard of the teaser trailer that popped up a few days ago. It’s short and sweet – the Doctor reflected in the helmet of an astronaut.  However, depending on which BBC channel you were watching, you might have seen a version of the teaser where a figure is seen in the reflection as well, standing behind the doctor.  Here’s a slo-mo version.  The same figure was seen in a shot at the end of the previous trailer.  And, most notably, it’s seen in the newly released “prequel” scene for the first episode (really more of a prologue).

There’s been a great deal of speculation about what the figure is.  The tag line for this season, referenced in the last, is “Silence Will Fall.”  It’s been loosely confirmed that there will be something or someone called The Silence this season.  Naturally, many wonder if this is a Silence (Silent?).

Still others point out that the episode is clearly US -themed, probably involving Area 51; maybe it’s a typical little grey alien.  Personally, I think the suit (which is more than a little Gentleman-esque, probably contributing to the Silence association) and the face reminds me of the old-school depictions of Men In Black that I used to see on spooky shows like Sightings.  This would also easily tie in with America and government secrets.  Time will tell!

A Pond Without Ducks

Many around The Internets still aren’t satisfied with Amy Pond (and I’m not talking about her clothing).  Presumably the mystery surrounding Amy was resolved at the end of the last season, when her parents returned; still, for some, questions remain.  There’s the issue of her “too-large” house; does bringing back her parents really make the house seem that much smaller, or is there still someone missing?

Her house also seems to have a grand staircase that leads to a third floor – but from the outside it’s only a two-story house.  In one shot of the first episode of Season 5, the staircase seems to end at a ceiling; in another shot, light appears to emanate from above.  Normally this might be dismissed as sloppy set-building, but episodes like “The Lodger” have trained viewers to be wary of suppositions.

Denial’s Not Just a River

Of course, the big question for the next season is the story behind River Song.  Is she truly friend or foe?  Is she really a Time Lord?  Could she be another incarnation of the Doctor?  The Master?  A grown-up version of Amy (seems unlikely, but that Pond-River thing drives some people mad)?

My favorite personal theory last season was that she was a new incarnation of Romana.  Still, her death in “Forest of the Dead” is awfully final.  Undoubtedly her character will become even more questionable over the course of the next season; now I’m beginning to wonder if The Silence blew up the TARDIS in attempt to kill River Song.

These are just a few of the questions that may or may not be addressed in the upcoming season.  What are your craziest questions and theories?  Let’s get some speculation that’s out of this world!



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