Do You Wanna (Talk About Dating With) My Avatar?

Lately when I’ve posted on GDG, it’s been more likely that you’ll see me talking about raid strategy than dating strategy.  Maybe there’s been more Doctor Who than Doctor Love.  However, just because it isn’t timey-wimey doesn’t mean that I’m not still fascinated with the mysteries and challenges of finding the right match! 

Now I have an awesome opportunity that combines my love of video games with my interests in the challenges of romance.  Twice a week, I’ll be representing Geek’s Dream Girl in the MMO Next Island, as a “dating expert.”  Basically, from 5-7pm Eastern, Monday and Wednesday, it’s a free-for-all chat about life and love, both real and virtual.

I’ve had my first chat already, and it was a blast.  Topics that were brought up ranged from the fun and maybe even silly (I think I once dated a yeti!) to the deep and philosophical (Are all humans inherently selfish?).  I can’t wait to see what comes up tonight!

As for the game, Next Island, it’s part of the Entropia Universe, a free-to-play MMO/virtual world with a real economy.  It seems to combine a little bit of everything: it simultaneously reminds me of adventure RPGs, Second Life and those little Facebook games like Farmville.  Oh, and it features time-travel! It is timey-wimey! I haven’t gotten to play very much yet; everything I’ve seen has been lush and tropical, with straw huts and lots of monkey-like creatures (some friendly, some not-so-friendly).  Luckily, my chat area, Crystal Resort, is pretty easily accessible to newbies, so I didn’t have to run away from too many wild animals before getting established!

If you’re already familiar with Next Island, my avatar Metis will be in Crystal Resort this evening from 5 to 7 – bring your relationship stories and questions!  And if you’re not, well, it’s free to try out!  Hope to see you there!


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