Geek Speed Dating at GenCon: How Will It Work?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how speed dating at GenCon will work, so I’ve dedicated a whole post here to everything you’d ever want to know.

Here are the basics:

Geek Speed Dating

Find love at Gen Con? Sure can! Go on several mini-dates with single geeks like yourself and maybe you’ll leave Indy with a love connection!

Almost all the guy tickets are sold already, but we could definitely use more ladies!  Not surprised the guy tickets sold out first… but I know we’ll have some single ladies who will step up before August. Last year we ended up with more women than men and had to take guys off our waiting list!

Ladies: Worried about creeps? Don’t be. We take this event very seriously and will remove any guy who is making our lovely ladies uncomfortable.

How Speed Dating Works

Before the Event

Please arrive a few minutes earlier than the start time. You will arrive and fill out a short form, which will include your first name, gender, location, and email address. You’ll don a spiffy sticker with a number on it and each lady will take a seat at her designated table.  Since we’re at The House, you can even grab a drink at the bar if you’d like to take the edge off any pre-date jitters.

During The Event

After a brief review of the rules, the dating begins! The guys will rotate from table to table, having 3-5 minutes to chat with each lady.

  • Worried you won’t know what to say? Come up with a crazy question that you can ask every person you meet.
  • Worried that you’ll have to “date” someone unappealing? It’s 3-5 minutes and that’s it! (You’ve probably had more unpleasant encounters on public transportation.)
  • Worried about your personal info getting out? Only what you share with your “dates” gets out. You are in control at all times. Once you’re signed in, you can even stash your GenCon badge in your pocket or purse.

Once each “date” is over, pull out your list and check YES or NO next to that person’s number.

After The Event

Once the event is over, you will hand your list back to the organizers and go on your merry way. We will check the lists to see where the mutual YES votes happened. These are our potential love connections!

  • If a mutual YES happens, we will email those two people and get them in touch with each other.
  • If someone checks YES for you, but you check NO for them, no information is shared.
  • If you check YES for someone, but they check NO for you, no information is shared.

The Right Attitude

Even though we call this speed dating, come into the event thinking of it like a mixer. You’ll get to meet 20 new people of the opposite sex.  You won’t be attracted to all of them, but all of them won’t be attracted to you.  Speed dating is a fun way to practice your getting-to-know-you skills, your small talk skills, and hey, it’s great practice for job interviews if you’re in the market for that! ;-)

But the best part is that you could be surprised when you find that ONE person who makes your heart flutter the moment they say hello…

Join us, won’t you? Click now to get your ticket, ladies!

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