5 Ways To Get Your Geek On All Summer Long

It’s summer, and gosh, it’s hot. For sun lovers who save all their vacation days to use between Memorial Day and Labor Day, this is an awesome time of year. For those of us who hate hot weather and have to work all summer long…well, we’re just counting the days until autumn.

Regardless of how you feel about summer, you need some activities to get you through the dog days. Whether you’re in the camp of “the hotter, the better” or would rather sit next to the AC 24/7, there are plenty of geeky things you can do to pass the long days and short nights. Here are five of them!

Go to the movies.

Obviously, movies are a year-round thing. But a lot of the really good comic/geeky ones – as well as a lot of the Big Dumb Fun ones (Michael Bay Explosions!) – are released in the summer months. Movie theaters are also a lot more likely to run daytime matinees during the summer (I imagine things may be different in bigger cities, but around here, there are no weekday matinees during the winter). If you have a few bucks to spare and love the idea of a few hours in a dark, air-conditioned theater, what better way to spend a summer afternoon than at the cinema?

Go outside with a book.

The term “beach reading” exists for a reason. It’s relaxing to go beach/pool/riverside with a good book. So grab a beach chair or blanket, your favorite sci-fi/fantasy novel or a stack of manga or comics, and venture out on a nice day. You can work on your tan while you’re reading, if that’s your thing, or take advantage of the big shade trees in the park. Don’t forget a cooler of drinks!

Attend a ren faire or historical reenactment.

Outdoor events and snow generally don’t mix well, so it’s no surprise that most ren faires and historical reenactments are held during the summer. Whether you’re a fan of costumes or a history buff, these events can be a ton of fun. And sometimes there are cool shopping opportunities and awesome foods available – it’s like going to the state fair without having to deal with the rides!

Go to a con.

Most of the big cons, and a large number of the little ones, are scheduled for the summer months. Cons are like big Geek Club meetings, and if you’ve never been to one, you’re missing out. It’s the perfect little geek-cation.

While it’s clearly getting a little late to plan trips/save money for the big dogs like Gen Con Indy and Dragon*Con, don’t forget about all the smaller cons closer to home! Do a little research and you may discover there are fantastic little cons right in your own back yard. Smaller cons are usually more affordable, and if you find one within driving distance, you can save a ton of money on travel and hotel costs.

Throw a geeks-only BBQ party.

Naturally you still want to hang out with your gamer friends during the summer, but some days it’s just too hot to concentrate on an RPG. No problem! Slap some burgers and hot dogs on the grill and invite everyone over for a BBQ! While the food is cooking – and after everyone’s eaten – bring out the board and card games to play indoors or out. Hook up the PS3 for those who would rather stay inside in the AC. And don’t fret if neither you nor any of your buddies have the space or the grill for a party – many city parks have picnic areas with grills that you can reserve either for free or a small cost. If everyone chips in and brings something for the food table and a contribution for the game table, it can be a cheap but awesome day for all involved.

I’m one of those who hates summer, but with activities like this, I can soldier through. I’ll even enjoy it! (But I’m still counting the days until autumn.)

What other fun geeky things do you like to do during the summer, to either beat the heat or embrace it?

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