Guide To Stalking E & Geek Dating Events at GenCon 2011

It’s that time of year again – GenCon time!  I’m so excited.

The best way to find me is to watch my tweets. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still read them on the website. If there are changes to my schedule, I’ll post them on Twitter.


1:48 PM:  Arrival in Indy.

6:00 PM – wee hours:  Setting up and then playing Drunken Dungeons & Dragons at the JW Marriott High Velocity Bar & Restaurant. Run by the fine folks at Critical-Hits.


11 AM: Geek Dating Advice (Marriott Phoenix) – tickets available

2 PM: +5 CHA Meetup & Newbie Welcome Session (ICC 203) – tickets not necessary, free event

7 PM – 9 PM: Private Dinner Event


11 AM: Geek’s Guide to Online Dating Success Seminar (Marriott Indy Ballroom D) – tickets available

6 PM: Geek Speed Dating (ages 30+) (Union Station: The House) – women’s tickets available, men’s sold out

9 PM: Geek Speed Dating (ages 21-35) (Union Station: The House) - women’s tickets available, men’s sold out

The rest of my evening will be spend tabulating results and emailing mutual matches. If you get matches, don’t wait until after GenCon to contact them! Meet up at the con. Catch a panel together. Go wander the exhibit hall. Get lunch at The Ram. 


11 AM: Geek Dating Advice (Marriott Phoenix) - tickets available

2 PM: Panel: How to Flirt with a Female Geek (Marriott Indy Ballroom C) – tickets sold out, but it’s a freebie, so come anyway!

8 PM: Media Meet & Greet (Union Station: The House)


11 AM: This Just In From GenCon Podcast Recording

I purposely left my Sunday very open so I could hit up the exhibit hall and try to meet up with anybody who I haven’t seen yet. We’re not flying out until Monday afternoon, so feel free to ping me on Twitter if you want to meet on Sunday!

ThinkGeek Freebies

I will have an assortment of ThinkGeek freebies to give away while I’m at GenCon. I usually stash about 10-12 free items per day in my bag, so your best bet is to find me early in the day for the best selection. For those who are unfamiliar with ThinkGeek’s freebie offerings, let’s just say we don’t cheap out and give you a sticker or a plastic keychain. These are actual products. Be sure to come say hi to me if you want one!

See you at GenCon!












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