Code Monkeys: 8-Bit Geek Hilarity

Little brothers are great for lots of things – everything from getting you into trouble, to defending your honor, to embarrassing you at Sonic. My little brother is especially good at keeping me entertained and introducing me to new fun stuff. A few weeks ago my husband and I arrived at his apartment to find him watching…something. It looked like an old 8-bit video game, and it was hilarious – a male character was flashing his new boobs (and I do mean boobs, not man-boobs) to get money from his friends.

“What is this?” I asked.

Code Monkeys,” my little bro answered. When the episode was over, he asked, “Wanna watch another?”

Hell yeah I did. After watching a few more episodes and wiping away the tears of laughter, I wondered where this show had been all my life. I’d never heard of it before, and I bet there’s a good chance many of my readers haven’t heard of it either. It’s my duty as a Dream Girl to tell you all about it. (With great power comes great responsibility.)

Todd Likes Sex With Trolls!

Code Monkeys aired on the G4 Network for two seasons (26 total episodes) in 2007 and 2008. Why the 8-bit look for such a modern show? Because it was set in the early 1980s at fictional video game company GameaVision, following the exploits of the coders working there. In the first episode, GameaVision founder Steve Wozniak (yes, Apple’s Steve Wozniak, who provided his own voice for the show) sells his game company to the crazy Texan billionaire Mr. Larrity. Larrity and his not-quite-all-there son Dean (“That’s Dean with an ‘N’!”) bring nothing but chaos to the company, leaving the other employees struggling to create good games and get the job done in between shenanigans.

The lead characters of the show are lead programmers Dave and Jerry. Dave is a sex-crazed stoner who probably doesn’t deserve the position he has. Jerry is the responsible one who does his work and doesn’t create trouble, yet is somehow Dave’s best friend. The other programmers at GameaVision are Todd, fantasy game designer and stereotypical socially-inept gamer geek, and Mary, who’s feminist-agenda games earn her no respect from Larrity (who refers to her as “Boobies”) or her co-workers (though Jerry has a mad crush on her). Openly and flaming gay Clarence does the music and audio for all the games (and sings all his dialogue), while Larrity’s illegally adopted Korean son Benny serves as the gametester. The office staff is rounded out by Clare the receptionist and Black Steve the accountant.

While a lot of the show’s plot does focus on the crew as they try to create fabulous video games (though Dean’s suggestion of Super Mega Bro Bro didn’t make it to development), the side adventures are what make the show so funny. That first episode I saw, appropriately entitled “Dave Gets Boobs”, revolves entirely on Dave going to get a boob job after growing tired of never getting any, and Todd trying to come up with ways to draw everyone’s attention away from Dave and back to him. In “Todd Loses His Mind”, a sleep-deprived Todd snaps and is possessed by the personality of his D&D character. And in “Psychological Problems”, GameaVision’s insurance company insists the entire staff receive a mental evaluation, and it’s almost more than the psychiatrist can handle – especially Todd and his love for his doll, Tiffany, and his obsession with his latest game idea, Cock Goblin.

Have I mentioned that Todd is my favorite character?

Another bonus: because the animation is modeled to look like a video game, there are lots of extras on screen, like health meters (or douchebag level meters) for the main character in a scene, an XP tally, and clever commentary. There’s almost more going on than your eyes can catch at once, which makes each episode fun to watch over and over.

Not For Everyone (And NSFW)

You do have to have a certain sense of humor to enjoy Code Monkeys. There are a lot of stoner, sex, and poop jokes, and many references that are absolutely not politically correct. If you find shows like South Park and Family Guy to be funny, you’ll likely also be amused and entertained by Code Monkeys. Otherwise you’ll probably find it crude at best, borderline offensive at worst.

But if you’re sick and twisted like me, Code Monkeys will quickly become your favorite show, and like me, you’ll be hoping that someone comes along and decides to bring it back.

You can watch all 26 episodes of Code Monkeys on instant streaming on Netflix; the first season is also available on DVD. Check it out!

Are you a fan of Code Monkeys? What’s your favorite episode?

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