Wizard’s Guidance: Adventure to Dice Castle

When last we met, you were headed to the Village of No-No. You were just about to accept your first job from Tom who worked for Lances-For-Hire, LLC. when a wizard showed up.

Here’s a reminder where we left off:

“So liking dragons qualifies you to slay them? What are you going to do? Breathe on them?”
Frustrated, you pull out a quill and a bottle of ink. You want to be a freelancer and by the stars, you’re going to suck it up and take whatever you can get. “I was hoping to use my equipment. I’ll do anything. I swear!”

“Sure, why not?” He grins as he gets up from the table. “Follow me.” — SOURCE: The Village of No-Nos

A commenter on the article correctly pointed out that our hero’s biggest problem was that he didn’t do any research on Lances-For-Hire, LLC. before he asked Tom for work. There are other issues with what our freelancer encountered, which is why the wizard decided to step in. He has taken you back to his modest hovel far away from the prying eyes of nosy villagers.

“So, you want to be a freelancer,” the wizard says as he strokes his long, grey beard. “Any regrets back there?”

You hesitate. After all, he is an all-knowing, all-powerful wizard. You take a deep breath and admit: “I’m not sure.”

The wizard’s eyes twinkle with amusement. “Now there’s a wise answer,” he says as he pulls out a strange, glittering scroll. “Do you like to read?”

You shoot the wizard a dirty look. “Do I want to be a freelancer?”

“Well, it’s a good thing you know how to do that at least.” The wizard quips as he unrolls the parchment. “Now, here’s something you might be interested in. Why don’t you go ahead and read this version of events.”

Not wanting to piss off an all-powerful wizard, you take the document off his hands and begin to read a familiar, yet slightly different, version of events. As you engross yourself in the story, the room begins to spin.

You adjust your shoulder bag and stroll into a village nestled in a lush valley. The first thing you see is a man and a woman arguing at the top of their lungs. From what you can make out, they’re pissed off about coin. The woman turns to you and says: “Don’t work for that guy, he’ll never pay you.” The man, who happens to be wearing a jerkin with an embroidered logo on the back, rolls his eyes and drones: “Don’t hire that freelancer, she’ll never hand anything in on time and it’s full of typos, too.”

“I’m here to look for a job,” you say and shrug your shoulders. “I’m not here to gossip.”

Both villagers start to laugh and point you in the direction of a small hut with a thatched roof. “You’ll want to start there,” the man instructs. “That place is always hiring.”

Curious, you turn to the man and say: “Oh really? What’s the company name?”

“Lances-For-Hire, LLC.”

You make your good-byes and head over to a tiny hut covered with gossamer spider webs — otherwise known as “The Kingdom’s Web.” Stretching out your hand, you offer a spider your hand, and it gently bites you. As soon as you connect to its web, you whisper the company name and a hologram pops into view that reads:

Lances-For-Hire, LLC. Professional Dragon Seekers. We Find ‘Em, You Slay ‘Em.

“Professional dragon seekers?” You frown and shake your head. “That’s not what I’m looking for. Guess I better try someplace else.”

As you continue to research the different businesses around town, you take mental note of who’s hiring, who isn’t, and what questions you need to ask them on your first meeting.

“Guess that’s all I need…”

You’re about to disconnect, when the room swirls again, and the wizard looms over you. “Read anything interesting?”

“Yeah,” you grumble. “I guess I shouldn’t be so desperate when I’m job hunting.”

The wizard nods his head. “Exactly! In this scenario, not only did you research the company, but you also formulated a plan of attack. Let’s gaze into the parchment again and see what other goodies we can drum up.”

Do you have any nuggets of wisdom to offer a new freelancer when he’s pounding a convention floor hunting down a new job? What other places do you recommend to find new jobs?

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