Last Minute Superheroes

borderlys on flickrHallowe’en is tonight and even though I am now ostensibly an adult and shouldn’t be squealing in glee like a five-year-old, I totally am. In fact, as you are reading this, I am probably dressed as a pirate.

I love Hallowe’en. Always have. And not just for actual Hallowe’en night, which was always over too fast and involved too many pictures being taken of me, but for the weeks of planning and preparation ahead of me. More often than not I had started to make my costume the day after the previous Hallowe’en. Nope, no store-bought costumes for me – they all leapt straight from my brain.

But thanks to big-ticket films like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the upcoming Avengers – not to mention perennial favourites like Spidey, Supes, and Bats – the costume shops, drugstores, and Wally Worlds are groaning with masks, capes, breastplates, styrofoam muscles, and plastic nipples for partygoers of all ages. The one night a year where it is socially acceptable to fly your nerd flag high, outside of downtown San Diego, and you should indulge to the fullest extent! That said, even the Flash can run out of time in the busy last weeks of October.

Fright Night is tonight, so if you’re stuck without something to wear to the big costume party at the office, here are some ideas (with some inspiration from my wife, as well) for fast superhero costumes that are sure to win you at least an Honourable Mention in the costume parade.


Peter Parker

Grab those old chemistry textbooks, your thickest glasses, and an old sweater-vest – the more nerdy and sophomoric, the better. Select a probably spider-bite location on a prominent bit of skin, slap a noticeable band-aid on it, and you’re ready to websling your way into action! In a few days, when the radioactive venom has a chance to start working.


Johnny Storm / The Human Torch

Draw or print off the Fantastic Four logo the size of a CD, then pull an old white bedsheet over your head with two holes cut out for eyes. Slap the logo and your chest and you’re good to go! Alternately: use a generic skeleton costume from the local drug store!

Also, if you combine this one with the basic Peter Parker option above, you can go as Uncle Ben! What, too soon?



You’ve heard of wrapping yourself in tinfoil and going as leftovers? What about a baked potato? Same concept, way cooler origin story!


Sue Storm / Invisible Woman

Don’t show up to the party. When asked about it later, give the asker an odd look and reply that you were there the whole time. You arrived via Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. In fact, I tried to pull this one off today, but one of my managers figured it out.



Even if you don’t look like Rebecca Romajin or are allergic to blue paint, you can still get away with a pretty sweet Mystique costume. In fact, if you are old, balding, and look like a US Senator, even better! This is a geeky twist on the old “serial killer” costume famously touted by Wednesday Adams. Mystique can look like anybody – so why not Steve from the office?


I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for tonight’s last-minute costumes. Share your ideas, or even pictures of your own comic book-inspired costumes, in the comments below!



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