Thanksgiving: Geeks on Parade?

Looks like geeks really are taking over the media!  Some of the most popular movies and television shows this past year have been from niche genres.  But how do you know you’ve really made it?  When you’re represented alongside Dora and the cast of Wicked at the Thanksgiving Parade, of course.  Following are some unconfirmed*, anonymous sneak peaks at what properties we’ll be seeing represented tomorrow:

Game of Thrones

This float will feature Santa perched gingerly on the Iron Throne.  Behind him, a Winterfell Tower stands in for Santa’s workshop; plush Brans are intermittently punted out into the crowd.

The Walking Dead

Anyone who’s been in a marching band knows that the slow pace of a parade is excruciating.  But for this year’s featured band, The Marching Dead, it’s just right.

Doctor Who

The float features a giant cuckoo clock.   Elves come out of the door on one side and head for the entrance to a Cyberman conversion chamber on the other (well, really an entrance covered in plastic sheeting with some sparks behind it).   Instead of an actual cuckoo, we’re treated to a medley of spinning blades.

Harry Potter

With the movies completed, the franchise moves to the next logical step: the musical.  This five-minute mini-show will feature a first look at two songs that are sure to be hits: “(I’m Just) Slytherin Around” and “Dumbledore’s Shriveled Hand.”


Several have mentioned that there would be a large-scale balloon of a sparkly vampire baby.  Alas, there was apparently a scuffle/entanglement with the one of Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Both are punctured, and the feud continues.

How about you?

What geeky float would you love to see in the parade?

*…or maybe entirely fabricated

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