2011: The Best of Geek’s Dream Girl

It’s been an awesome year here at GDG! Here’s a bit about how it went…

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C’s final post was this past Thursday. She’ll be leaving us to focus more of her time on her RPG company. We will miss having her around here, but you can always hang with her on Twitter.

Hopping into the RPG Girl Thursday spot for 2012 is the amazing and talented L, who you may know from around the web, on Twitter as @lilyorit, as the assistant to our former RPG industry expert, JLB (Jennifer Brozek), or from her work editing various RPG books. We look forward to reading L’s posts!

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Want to write a guest post for us in 2012? The Great Dates in 50 States series gets AMAZING love from Google. Those two guest posts were in the top 20 for the entire year! If you think you can write a post about your favorite city that stacks up to our current collection, please send it in. We’d love to hear your date suggestions.

Thanks for an amazing 2011, everyone! We’re looking forward to entertaining & helping you all in 2012!

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