End of Song, Beginning of Story: Dating Resolutions for the New Year

(c) jenny downing, via FlickrIt’s the first day of the rest of your life! Well, it’s the second day of . . . the second page . . . it’s January 2nd, 2012. A good day for making resolutions. Especially for making new resolutions because the ones you made yesterday have already been broken. I’m trying to avoid the whole resolution thing this year, but for my queer and geeky brethren out there this is the perfect time to make a new start in your quest for love. Think about adding these resolutions to your dating outlook in 2012.

Take Care of Yourself

Whether that’s losing weight, gaining weight, taking a spin class, taking a vacation, buying a nice bottle of wine, indulging in a thirty-six-hour Skyrim marathon, getting a facial, or finally trimming the old toenails, remember this year to take care of yourself first. Do the things that make you feel good about yourself. This could be trying to improve your physical side, like losing or gaining weight, or trying to tone up or build your stamina. It could also just be taking more time to do the activities that make you feel good or indulge your creative side, especially if your day-to-day life doesn’t usually afford you that opportunity. Trying to look or feel good for potential dates is great, but people respond better to someone who is happy and content with their own life.

But really, if you’re going to do the Skyrim thing? Grab a shower afterwards before you head out to rendezvous with your lady or gentleman love.

Update Your Profile

For the online geek, a profile or blog is often the first point of contact that most potential dates have for you. Try and keep this current, and rewrite it every now and then to keep things fresh. This site especially is a goldmine of tips and tricks for writing a good online dating profile, but this advice doesn’t just extend to dating sites. Potential hook-ups are everywhere, from Facebook to Butch-Femme.com to Twitter to Tumblr. A well-written profile with your current likes, dislikes, and interests is your best bet to open conversation with potential matches.

Try New Things

Tired of beating around the same old bush? Find a new bush! Make it your goal in 2012 to try something or someone different. Try a new forum, a new chatroom. A new bar, a new social group. Take a new class at the local community centre to expand both your horizons and your social circle. Never made pottery before? Go ahead and try that! You could discover a whole new passion and, with it, a new bunch of people to meet and, potentially, date. Exposure to new things can help you grow as a more rounded person and one that, in turn, makes you more interesting to potential dates. Or, in the process of trying new things, you can discover what is really important to you in life and in a relationship.

2012 is a year for boldness. The doomsday prophecies are endless, but the message stays the same: 2012 is going see some big changes. The end of the old and the beginning of the new. So happy new year, and best of luck!

What are your dating resolutions for the new year? Did you make any last year, and how did they turn out? Share them below!

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