Why Waiting To Date Won’t Make You More Successful

You’ll start dating after you lose 20 pounds. Or get your degree. Or stop working so hard. Or once you move into your new place. Or after you’ve gotten a new job.

Here’s why you should kick those excuses to the curb –>

See that picture right there? That needs to be your motto.

New Year, New You?

Everyone starts the new year with aspirations. And we think, if I can just get those things on track first, then I’ll put up a dating profile. If I can just have this one habit cemented in my daily life, then I’ll go join that singles group. If I can just get to the gym every day for a month, then I’ll go to that mixer at church.

Why wait?

The biggest difference between you now and you two months from now is that you’ll be two months older and have two months more experience at being single.

Nobody’s Perfect

I’m certainly not perfect. I’m overweight. I have been overweight for the majority of my adult life. I suffer from depression and have occasionally thought I was “good enough” to go without my meds. (I am very happily back on them and plan to stay that way.) My previous career as a public school teacher left me in temporary poverty every August and with a small mountain of debt.

But I didn’t wait to find love. Neither should you, no matter how imperfect you may be.

Parts of You Are Pretty Awesome

Every time I interview a new client, I have an amazing time. I love learning about new people, “meeting” them via chat and getting to know what’s important to them and how they tick. More than that, I love being able to use my talents to write them a profile that really showcases what makes them pretty awesome.

You are a unique and awesome snowflake. There, I said it. There are things about you that are unlike any other person anyone has ever met. The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you think, the things you’re great at, and the things you fail at hilariously. You are pretty awesome.

Who are you to deny your awesomeness to the world because of a few imperfections?

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