Geeky Cake: Lobster Stuffed With Tacos a la Simpsons

Our friend Andrew decided that for his 30th birthday, we should have a Day of Delicious Foods at his house. We all started to think about what dishes might be appropriate for such a day. This Simpsons clip immediately popped into our heads:

So we did it.

Lobster Stuffed With Taco Cake

Our inspiration came from these two sites:

We gathered up all the necessary ingredients and went to work making our delicious masterpiece. Enjoy the photos!

Completed Candy Tacos

Funny story. The middle of the cake didn't cook through, but turns out, that left a great hole for the taco.


All the cake parts assembled

A redonkulous amount of frosting hides all sins. (Book of Cake 3:14)

Of course, he needed a fondant hat and Twizzler antennae.

A close-up of the taco in his claw. Delicioso!

"Excellent, Sir. Lobster stuffed with tacos."

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