The Perils of Edition Wars: Adventure to Dice Castle


This month's article was inspired by D&D's special announcement. Unless you've had your head stuck in a dice bag, you might have heard that Wizards of the Coast announced their plans to reinvest their energy into Dungeons & Dragons. (You can read What We Know About 5th Edition on ENWorld for the latest updates.) The news was picked up by several major media outlets including Forbes, The New York Times, and Yahoo! News. From a gamer's perspective, this news shook tables and shattered … [Read more...]

Why Waiting To Date Won’t Make You More Successful

The "Perfect" Date

You'll start dating after you lose 20 pounds. Or get your degree. Or stop working so hard. Or once you move into your new place. Or after you've gotten a new job. Here's why you should kick those excuses to the curb --> See that picture right there? That needs to be your motto. New Year, New You? Everyone starts the new year with aspirations. And we think, if I can just get those things on track first, then I'll put up a dating profile. If I can just have this one habit cemented in my … [Read more...]

Brave New World: The DCnU Reboot and the New 52


I’ll admit, I dismissed it at first. My initial reaction to the rebooting of the extensive DC Universe into fifty-two streamline and reimagined titles was one of disinterest at best, and at worst, disgust at corporate greed. It’s just a ploy, I said. To make more money, I said. A gimmick. And, well, it still is on some level. But what I didn’t anticipate about the DCnU is that it would be just good, it would work. I have been sucked in. I’ve drunk the Catwoman Kool-aid. The New 52 isn’t just a … [Read more...]

Pleading the 5th – Pondering on the Future of D&D

Crystal Ball

It’s ironic. I was planning on writing an article about whether or not I thought 5th Edition D&D would be coming soon, and Wizards of the Coast announces they are beginning work on the next iteration of D&D. So there’s a big ol’ yes. So instead, drawing on my experience with the game and my thoughts about how WotC has handled things with D&D of late, I thought instead I would share my thoughts on what 5th Edition will be like. It Won’t Be Called 5th Edition I know this … [Read more...]

Filamena Young and Flatpack: Fix the Future!


The Mission Filamena Young set out to write a game she wanted to see, and created Flatpack: Fix the Future! Mixing a post-apocalyptic setting with creative problem solving, Young’s game was written with young gamers in mind. “It’s my first attempt at a YA game. That is, something with a younger audience in mind, but with room (like a good YA novel) for adults and kids as they get more sophisticated. I have a free demo up on DriveThruRPG; it's an adventure with basic rules in it. It's a really … [Read more...]

Being A Bookworm: A Little Less Lonely


Today, for about the fifth time, I was told I need to read The Hunger Games.  I'm told it's a YA (young adult) series set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic North America where there's a Running Man-esque TV show.  I don't know much more than that, and that these characters have some bizarre names that will probably be making their way into the 2015 - 2020 lists of top baby names.  Oh, and that there was some controversy about a movie tie-in nail polish.  Sometimes I feel like I get my information … [Read more...]

Random Craftiness: Baby Sumo Wrestler Knitting Pattern


Baby Sumo Wrestler Craft: Knitting Suggested Yarn: Cascade Superwash 220 HAT: With size 8 circular needles, cast on 64 stitches. Join in the round. Knit for 8 rows. Change to size 9 needle. Knit for 4.5-5” Decreases: Place marker after every 8 stitches. Row 1: K6, k2tog (56 remaining) Row 2 (all even rows) - Knit all. Row 3: K5, k2tog (48 remaining) Row 5: K4, k2tog (40 remaining) Row 7: K3, k2tog (32 remaining) Row 9: K2, k2tog (24 remaining) Row 11: … [Read more...]

Things They Never Tell You About Video Game QA

Game testing picture courtesy of Tim Dorr

So I’ve gone and found myself a new job, albeit a temporary one, doing some full time QA testing for the latest installment of one of my favorite video game franchises ever. They called me in for the last few months of crunch time, desperate for someone obsessive and nerdy over the lore so that, when the fifth line of the ninth dialogue in the sixteenth level makes some mention of an event which involved three psychic vampires when, in fact, it actually involved two,  I would be there, glasses … [Read more...]

New Year, New D&D: Please Don’t Bring Your Old, Old, Old Drama

We love dragons

The announcement of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons came out today in the NY Times. It promises to capture the hearts and minds of all D&D players, young and old, no matter which edition they thought was best. My Challenge For You In your discussions of "5e" (or whatever it ends up being called), stay positive. We all love slaying dragons. We all love exploring dungeons. Let's focus on the positive aspects of what make us LOVE a game rather than talking about the new game in … [Read more...]

Happily Ever After – Five Very Different Ways to Love Faerie Tales

Faerie Tales

After my last article about Heroes of the Feywild, it occurred to me that, while I’ve said a lot about my love of faerie tales in earlier articles, there’s so much more I can say. Is it a bit ironic that your Gay Gamer Geek loves Faerie Tales? Maybe a tad, but it’s no less true for all that. You already know so many things I love that touch on Faerie Tales, from the Changeling RPG to the comic series Fables to Disney movies, because I’ve talked about them in these articles. I challenged … [Read more...]