Geeky Knitting Pattern: Nyan Cat Hat With Toaster Pastry Earwarmers

Ever wanted to be a gray kitten flying through space, warmed by a toaster pastry? Now you can be!

I’ve added “knitting geek” to my repertoire in the past couple years. A friend of mine is obsessed with Nyan Cat but there was very little in the way of knitted patterns available. So I designed one!

Photo by Michael Collins,

This pattern features Chunky Mochi Rainbow yarn, Rowan Drift (for the cat), and Knit Picks Palette for the toaster pastries. You’ll need size 10.5 needles (circular or double pointed) and size 2 needles (circular or straight).

It’s easy enough for a beginner knitter!

Fun and fast for an experienced one!

Also, I don’t mind one bit if you buy my pattern and then sell your Nyan Cat hats all over Etsy or wherever. Knock yourselves out, small knitting business owners! :-)  Just don’t sell the pattern itself, okay?

Photo by Michael Collins,

Snag your pattern on Ravelry or right here. It’s $5 and I will be donating all proceeds of pattern sales to the Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue. That’s where I found my dog, Titania. They’re a great group of animal lovers and I’m happy to support them however I can.


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Remember, you are buying a pattern to make your own hat. The actual hat pictured here is snug on the head of my favorite coworker.

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