Avengers Assemble: The World’s New Obsession

So I went to see The Avengers again tonight, with my family. This being the third weekend it’s out, and that we showed up more than an hour before the show, we weren’t that worried about getting tickets. We should have been. It was sold out, and the next showing, and the three nearest theatres. Needless to say, I am now extremely depressed.

So why is it still number one? Why is the internet obsessed with it?

Mainly because it’s awesome.

So. In all seriousness, The Avengers was awesome.

Some might say that my taste in movies may be questionable (considering that I prefer both Grease 2 and Timecop 2 to the originals, and my favourite movie of all time is The Quest), but I think I am in the majority on this one.

Joss Whedon, as writer and director, assembled his own dream team for this production. The cast was pitch-perfect, and proved themselves in interviews and promos to be as faithful and dedicated to the spirit of the Avengers as any red-blooded nerd. Whether you like comic books or not, it’s a rousing action flick, bromance, and family drama.

So I don’t just continue to say “awesome” over and over again in different ways, I will present one thing I liked about the movie, and one thing I didn’t like.

One Thing I Liked About ‘Avengers’

This was the most realistic superhero movie I’ve ever seen – well, except maybe for Hancock, but for a similar reason. The characters were fully-realised, complete people, who were more than heroes and villains. Bruce was suicidal yet noble, and ticklish. Cap was adorably earnest, and a little narrow-minded. Tony, of course, is the perfect conflict of outwards asshole and inwards hero. Joss Whedon is king of the throwaway line, and in The Avengers, he used them to create some of the most compelling human characters I’ve seen on the screen in a long time.

There comes a point in every superhero/giant fighting robot/monster movie where it’s the clash of the titans, and it’s mega-beast on mega-beast. And it’s a little boring. Yes, even I, lover of all that is campy and kitsch in action movies, will suffer a yawn or two through the penultimate battle. Somehow, Joss managed to avoid this completely – because his heroes were entirely human. They were tired. They got hit and went down. They were sweaty and out of breath and limping. The post-credit shwarma scene sealed it for me – that is exactly what superheroes would do after a battle. Fall asleep over a good meal. Not parade through an ancient temple looking all shiny while they receive their medals. It’s shwarma.

One Thing I Didn’t Like About ‘Avengers’

Why Black Widow? Seriously, Black Widow? She’s a double agent, a villain, and a bitch! Was nobody else reading the comics? Especially Ultimates! While I enjoy the visual pleasure of Scarlett Johanson, and I realise that for demographic purposes there had to be a female member of the team, there are so many other female Avengers to choose from. They even skipped over the Wasp, who is one of the official founding members of the Avengers, according to Earth-616 Marvel canon. She-Hulk, Stature, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, and Ms Marvel all leap immediately to mind before a character which has spent more time Heiling Hydra than Assembling Avengers.

Am I petty? Yes. Yes I am.

What was your reaction to the movie? Love it? Hate it? Walk out craving shwarma? Let me know in the comments!

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