MacBook Pro: Turning Heads

A few years back, when my ancient Dell kicked the bucket, I decided to take the plunge and buy a MacBook Air.  It was a bold move, as I’d never owned a Mac of any kind, and it’s one that I’ve never regretted.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to make some concessions when I bought it.  

To get something sleek and gorgeous and light, I had to sacrifice a bit of power.  Luckily for me, the decision wasn’t too difficult – for example, I didn’t really need World of Warcraft to be portable and I could easily play it on the old desktop computer that is hooked up to my TV.  All I really need a laptop for is the internet, writing, and photos, and the Air more than has that covered.  Since I do write most days, and sometimes in the most unlikely of places, portability won out.  It was a compromise, but one that didn’t hurt to make.

At least, I didn’t think it hurt at the time, but I am feeling a bit of a sting this week.  Apple has introduced their new MacBook Pro, and man am I feeling a bit of tech envy.  Apparently it’s now acceptable to have your cake and eat it too – the Pro backs all the punch you’d expect from that line, but it’s almost as thin as the Air (though it gets a nice 15.4-inch screen).

I’m not going to lie – yes, the new Pro has a faster processor, more memory, etc, but like I mentioned, my “little bear” version has been able to handle everything I’ve needed.  It’s probably people in specific fields, at this point, who are going to feel the difference.  No, I’m more jealous over things that are mostly aesthetic. Here’s a brief list of the shiny new features I long for:

  • The Retina display.  So far it’s only on iPhone 4 and iPad 3.  I don’t own either of those, so I’d love to this “photo-real” and “sharper than the printed page” experience I keep hearing about.
  • FaceTime in HD.  I do not have FaceTime on my phone, but I have used it on my Air.  Yes, I can tell that the camera is not HD.  And since I’ve used it to talk to someone on an iMac, not a phone, I’m willing to wager they can tell the difference too.  Who doesn’t want a nicer webcam?
  • Backlit keyboard.  Now, if you’re familiar with Apple products, you’re probably waving your hands around at this point and saying “Wait just one minute, J.  The Air has a backlit keyboard!”  Well, yes.  In the version that came out in mid-2011, it does.  I bought mine a good six months before that.  Since I’m easily amused by things that glow, the keyboard was one of the things I loved about MacBooks, and the other compromise I made when I bought my Air.  I remain jealous of every MacBook that has one, and this one is no different.

Now, while I might be throwing longing glances towards the new MacBook Pro, I’m not going to run out and buy one, because my trusty Air really has more than fulfilled my needs.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty (amirite ladies? Oh, wait, this isn’t 90s stand-up).

And it doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fling!  In the next few weeks I’ll be able to actually get my hands on one of these puppies and try it out.  We’ll see if I can actually Feel the Powah, and if having a backlit keyboard is actually as life-changing as I dream it is.  To be continued!

What about you?  Are you drooling over the specs for the new MacBook Pro?  Or are you a diehard fan of something else?  

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