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In one of the inevitable Laws of Nature in the digital age, gatherings of web-savvy gamers can often lead to a YouTube party where we endlessly share links of our favorite cartoons and videos. The sharing of Geek music isn’t just fun, it’s also a musical vortex akin to midnight Wiki-hopping. These are five of my favorite geek/gaming songs, and they’re the seed for a geek culture playlist I continually promise myself I’ll write.
After I watch all of these again. Really. Totally going to get right on it.

“Roll a d6″ Broken Records Films, 2011

Roll a d6 has become a catchy classic since worming its way into our ears in 2011. The song is a gamer cover of Far East Movement’s “Like a G6,” in which Far East Movement’s tale of champagne and Gulfstreams is replaced with the Twizzler packing, death-defying adventures of some intrepid adventurers, by way of a candle-lit basement. If you’ve ever been curious about the origins of the video, Wizards of the Coast did a spotlight interview in 2011 with Connor Anderson, the man behind the video.

“Gamer Girl, Country Boy” Felicia Day and Jason Charles Miller, 2012

If you don’t keep up with Felicia Day’s over at Geek and Sundry on YouTube, you may have missed this duet between Felicia Day and singer-songwriter-voice actor Jason Charles Miller. The song follows a strong country guitar line as country boy meets gamer girl, gamer girl meets country boy, with happily ever after in the cards for the “unlikely” lovers.

“Dungeons and Dragons” Tripod, 2007

Tripod, an Australian musical-comedy band, covers whatever subject they fancy with a satirical bent. The self-confessed trio of Geeks have touched on gaming, Star Wars, video games and D&D in their music—their D&D themed musical “Tripod versus the Dragon” premiered in 2010. Their song Dungeons and Dragons is a quirky, fourth-wall breaking paean to the game.

“Tonight (D&D song)” Allie Goertz , 2011

Allie Goertz sings with a dulcet voice about escaping the stresses of life with good friends on game night. It’s not her only D&D related song, but it is one of the most endearing, tear-jerker songs I’ve heard in ages. “Tonight” is a tender anthem to how much gaming can mean, in or out of character.

Have a favorite song with a geeky spin that you think I’d like to add to my playlist? Leave your musical picks in the comments!

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