RPG Girl Thursday: Mailbag!

Twitter totally counts as my mailbag. It’s a metaphor! or something.

Questions from the Masses. Answers from RPG Girl Thursday. Trip to the 80′s via Milton Bradley.


Most metal game of my childhood, or most metal ever?

Your favorite game as a kid?

The Dark Tower. I don’t think any other game obsessed my siblings and I like that game.  Now, Milton Bradley put it out a few years before I was born. But it is the ur-experience for me of board games. Nothing has quite come close to my thrill as a five year old setting it up with my siblings. As an adult, set up is usually talking to my friends as we divvy up tokens and set up a board. It’s not weird and solemn like a temple service. Which is good, because whoa it would be weird if every game was like setting up a religious rite.

But setting up The Dark Tower was that kind of hushed and excited experience that just sticks. There were keys to collect, armies to command and an evil force lurking inside The Dark Tower. It was the most metal thing I ever encountered as a kid. Screw Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Candyland, Battleship, all of it. I would consider some fairly terrible things to play The Dark Tower as an adult.

Though, knowing the passage of time, it would probably strike me as silly and weird, and I’d go back to my present other favorite board game, Pandemic.

Favorite Game?

Currently (this answer changes periodically) I’d rank it in the following manner.

Card Game: Cards Against Humanity.

Tabletop RPG: Mage: The Ascension.

Screwed Up Best Night Of Your Life: Fiasco, because Fiasco gets its own category.

I don’t really do good at favorites, though. It’s more like “what would I lick if it was candy right now” which makes sense, since I’m synesthetic, but sounds super weird.


Has anyone actually finished a game of Risk?

Yes. It was Risk: Legacy, they opened every envelope, and it was played to its brutal end. I have seen photos of the terrible wasteland left behind. Other than that, no, I have no bloody clue.

Is the Doctor Who game for the PS3 any good?

I have no clue.

What do you find most challenging about gaming?

Oh, man. Okay. So, from a logistics front it’s scheduling a group of people to play. Even on Skype that’s a pain in the tuchis. Finding people I enjoy gaming with that are local to me, also hard. My ‘home base’ right now is at least two hours or better from anyone I want to play with in-person that’s near me. I’ve started to get most of my good gaming in at cons, which is both wonderful and alarming simultaneously.  Wonderful because gaming is awesome, alarming because man do I have to wrestle laundry time out of my housemates. Other than those fairly normal logistics issues we all suffer from…everything gaming comes with can be very challenging for me, and that stuff is more challenging for me than logistics. Gaming is what got me into games journalism, which is a lot of fun sometimes. But a lot of people hate journalists, games journalists in particular, and I get a lot of consistent and regular sexual harassment. So the most challenging thing I find about gaming is that something I love so much can bring bullying at a table, sexual harassment at conventions and unwelcome attention online. Because I’m a woman, and I game.

So really, I find being a woman while gaming to be the most challenging thing about it.


The game you always wanted to play but no one else wanted to play?

In my gaming group before my Skype group, that was basically every game ever. 6 person group, so at any time one of us could be GMing and the rest playing. You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to synch tastes, but you’d be surprised. The lesson I learned the hard way from that? Some people simply do not fit as a gaming group. In that case, my gaming group loved gaming with each other and were all awesome friends away from the table. Gaming with them totally sucked for me due to wildly different tastes. It happens.  Learn from my folly: if you don’t gel with your friends at the table, don’t doggedly try to “just stick it out.” That sucks for you and for everybody else. You can see people at the movies too.

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