Dog Halloween Costume: Chell from Portal

Happy Halloween everybody!

Here’s my Cocker Spaniel, Titania, engaging in some Chell cosplay:

The Inspiration: Best Job Ever

One of the perks of working at ThinkGeek is knowing what new products are coming before the rest of the world does. I had a heads-up on the Mini Portal Gun long before it launched, and I knew I had to dress Titania like Chell for Halloween. Of course, she can’t actually use the Portal Gun, but it’s the perfect size, isn’t it?

The Process: Oh Yeah, I’m New at This

Commercial dog costumes are woefully lacking in orange pants, so I had to snag a pattern, buy a sewing machine, and sew the pants myself.  The top is hacked from the Chell Tank Top, also from ThinkGeek.

I’m pretty proud of it, despite all the imperfections! It was my first time sewing anything that wasn’t square.

…and then, at ThinkGeek:

Thanks to:

  • ThinkGeek, best job ever! (What, you thought being a blogger paid the bills?) ;-)
  • LizC, recommender of a sewing machine brand (Janome)
  • Miss Daisy, pattern writer (Sugar Plums)
  • Titania, for suffering through the indignity of trying on the design over and over again
  • OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue, for everything they do for dogs like Titania

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