Dating Profile Help: November Tips, Questions, and Writing Prompts

Happy November!

Every month in 2012, I’m delivering tips, questions, and writing prompts to freshen up your dating profile and have you looking your best for the love of your life (or the love of the month, if you roll that way).

Big Tips For Every Dating Profile

Start with a bang! Folks on the internet are in a hurry and like to have things delivered to their eyes as quickly as possible, otherwise, they move on. If your first sentence or two isn’t gripping, they’re going to slip away to the next profile.

Have an interchangeable section of your profile.  If this happens to be the beginning of your profile, even better. Have parts of your profile that you can delete and replace with other information. This is where you can freshen up your profile for the month by shooting in some new words that will catch the eye of someone new.

Three Questions for November

Looking for inspiration to freshen up your profile so it says, “I’ve updated this recently”? Here you go!

  • What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Is it something that you prepare, something store-bought, or something made by a family member or friend?
  • What are you thankful for this year? You can use a usual suspect, but turn it up a notch so it’s unique. Don’t just say “I’m thankful for my job.”  Turn it up to 11: “I’m thankful for a job with coworkers that challenge me to be more creative and more awesome every day.”
  • What part of the holiday season are you looking forward to? Do you travel to see family or do they come to you?

Three Writing Prompts

Starting a new profile or re-writing yours? Here are some questions that might get your creative juices flowing.

  • What book changed the way you look at the world?
  • Everyone has 15 minutes of fame in their life. Have you had yours? What happened?
  • What comedian or actor embodies the type of humor you like the best?

Happy Dating, Geek Friends!

Remember that I’m here for you if you need any help with your dating profile.

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