Post-Mortem: RPG Girl Thursday

It’s been a really crazy year.

I managed to hit Norwescon, Westercon, GoPlay NW, GenCon, PAX, and BigBadCon. I saw—and live tweeted—some incredible panels at those cons. I met wonderful people, saw old friends, and had an amazing if very exhausted time. I also nearly twisted off the hands of everyone sitting next to me during the ENnies as we waited in suspense, for which they thankfully forgave me.

Some of the games I purchased or backed this year, thus enriching my life but weighing down my suitcase:

  • Streets of Bedlam
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Blowback
  • They Became Flesh
  • A Thousand and One Nights
  • School Daze
  • Monsterhearts
  • Tremulus
  • The Shab-Al-Hiri-Roach
  • Hillfolk: DramaSystem
  • Always/Never/Now
  • Second Vicious Crucible


In the 52 weeks I was given to fill, I interviewed more than 20 people. I learned amazing things about people working all across the game industry, and I experienced just how labor intensive and crazy a weekly column is. I’ve met so many fellow games bloggers, newsies and journalists, guest posted for some of them, and wouldn’t trade the things I learned this year for anything. I got to talk to some of you in the comments, over e-mail, and meet so many of you fabulous folks via Twitter or on site at conventions this year.

I wrote for games, about games, played games, bought games, and lived games for 52 weeks straight. It has been exhausting, exciting, miserable, wonderful, and a year I won’t forget. I’m thankful E Foley gave me a chance to do this column, to all of you readers for tuning in, and everyone I interviewed and met this year. Whatever 2013 holds for any of us, may it contain amazing games and many wonderful stories.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year,

Lillian Cohen-Moore

RPG Girl Thursday

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L is a freelancer currently working as a writer, editor, journalist and game designer. She hauls a suitcase decorated in stickers as she blogs, travels, and tours. She makes her home in Washington, California, and wherever the tour stopped last night. You can follow L on twitter (@lilyorit )

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