My Geeky Resolutions – GGG Reveals His Intentions for 2013

Hullo, gentle readers. As I write this, I’m relaxing in my husband’s old home in San Ramon, CA. There have been a lot of stories told about beloved restaurants from his childhood, old friends much missed. And of course, there’s been plenty of talk about the upcoming year.

Something I’ve realized is that my various plans/intentions/resolutions fall into two major categories: Geeky and Not. I want to continue to lose weight. I want to work on a novel. I want to work on a book of non-fiction stories. I want to travel to a country I’ve never been to before. I want to visit someplace in the U.S. I’ve never been before. These are serious, non-geeky resolutions. But I have some resolutions that’re as geeky as they can be.

Here, then, are the geekier of my resolutions. In sharing them, maybe I’ll inspire some thoughts on your own resolutions, geeky or not.

I Want to Try a New RPG

Over the last few years, I’ve really been playing the same RPGs. I’ve been running and playing 4E D&D, Star Wars Saga Edition, and Call of Cthulhu. There are a number of other games I really want to try, but I’ve been putting them aside. In this upcoming year, I intend to try, either as a player or a GM, something new.

Right now, the two games I’m most drawn to are The One Ring RPG and the DC Adventures RPG. This is not to say I wouldn’t try something else, but it would most likely be someone else in the DM’s screen.

I am, actually, currently involved in a new…I hesitate to really call it a game…called The Stork. It’s a fascinating “game” in which a book gets passed around, along with various gifts, which can be physical in nature or not. It appeals to my love of things like Bookcrossing, in which strangers connect due to an exchange of something they care about. I’ll talk more about it in a future article.

I Want to Participate in the D&D Next Playtest

I’ve done a little bit, via running some games at conventions, but I haven’t run the D&D Next Playtest with my own players. I love D&D, and I want to add my voice to those who are commenting on what the future of D&D should be.

I Want to Game With Some New Folks

I love meeting new folks who’re into the same wacky hobbies as I am. I’ve met a few good ones over the last year or two, and I want to play a game with these folks, as well as some old friends. It’s possible these will be the folks I run a new game with, but I suspect I’ll be running some Call of Cthulhu with them. The combo of new folks and a new game could make it hard for me to really get to know them as gamers, so I probably want to do something comfortable with them.

I Want to Play a Game

I love to be a player, but the chance doesn’t come too often. I play Star Wars with my husband, but the game doesn’t happen too often. One of my D&D players may be resurrecting our old Changeling game, and that would be spectacular. But I may also try to get involved with a D&D Encounters game, a D&D Campaign, or something totally different.

I Want to Read More of The History of Middle-Earth Books

I’ve put a lot of reading on hold, so it took me nearly 7 months to make it through the 1st volume of Christopher Tolkien’s books of his father’s unpublished works. It’s interesting to see how the mythology of Middle-Earth developed, beginning even before The Hobbit was written. It’s dense stuff, though, so I haven’t really plowed into it. I intend to read more volumes of it this year.

I Want to Attend GenCon

I’ve wanted to attend GenCon for years, and, this year, my good friend Ford Ivey is running his LARP-like game The Osiris Sanction there. Since I helped develop some of the background concepts of the game, I have an invite to come help run the game at GenCon, share hotel space, etc. I am strongly inclined to do so, because I would love to finally attend this grand-daddy of all gaming conventions. The only thing that might hold me back is the possibility that I may be in Australia at the time of the con. Long story, but that would fulfill my “visit another country” non-geeky resolution…

Get in on the Ultima Forever Beta

The Ultima series of video games are some of my favorite, and I’ve always regretted that I never played Ultima Online. Recently, however, I’ve heard of a new Ultima MMORPG called Ultima Forever, being released by Bioware. I’ve signed up for the closed beta, and I’m super-excited, hoping to get involved! I will become the Avatar once more!

In Closing

I’ve barely touched on what I want to do this year. I’m so excited for the year ahead and all of its possibilities. If I succeed in half of my plans, I’ll be thrilled. It’ll be fun sharing details with you all over the next year.

Your Turn

Do you share some of my resolutions? Are my resolutions lame? Do you have geeky resolutions of your own? Share with us, and we’ll all know.

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