Geek’s Dream Girl’s Top Posts for 2012

Timmy the ThinkGeek monkey at DDXP 2012

Thank you, dear Reader, for being a part of Geek’s Dream Girl in 2012! Here’s a countdown of our most popular posts published this year. If you missed them, be sure to check them out. If you’re new to Geek’s Dream Girl, these articles will give you a good idea of the type of things you can expect from us in 2013.

Most Popular by Page View:

10. 5 Steps To Be in a Geeky Relationship Before Next Valentine’s Day (Written by e)

9. 18 Intelligence and 20 Charisma: Dungeon Bastard Bill Cavalier (Interview by l)

8. 5 Strangest Anime Inspirations (Written by m)

7. PAX 2012: Fighting, Funny and Five-Point-Oh: The D&D Live Show of Acquisitions Incorporated (Written by m)

6. Want A Web Design Trick That Will Improve Your Dating Profile? (Written by e)

5. Anime Terminology 101: The “Deredere” Species (Written by m)

4. TIED: Baby Sumo Wrestler Knitting Pattern &  Nyan Cat Hat Knitting Pattern (Written by e)

3. Cards Against Humanity: Filthy and Funny (Written by j)

2. Fifteen years of adventure; BioWare writer Ann Lemay on life in the industry (Written by l)

1.  DDXP 2012 Report: The First Glimpses at the New Edition of Dungeons & Dragons (Written by e)

Most Popular By Comments (Excluding Contests):

3. When the Gay Outweighs the Geek – An Unexpected Encounter with Homophobia (Written by GGG)

2. Mental Illness & The Holidays: I’m “Normal” Because I’m Medicated (Written by e)

1.  DDXP 2012 Report: The First Glimpses at the New Edition of Dungeons & Dragons (Written by e)

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