Great Dates in 50 States: Seattle, Washington (Part Deux!)

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Welcome to Kirsten Rogers of LikeBright, a social matchmaking site, for another article in our Great Dates in 50 States series. Kirsten’s list of geeky dates adds to the list we have from our first Great Dates in Seattle article by Wizards of the Coast’s Bruce Cordell. With all these great places, I think I may need to take a trip to Seattle.

Great Dates in 50 States: Seattle, Washington

by Kirsten Rogers, LikeBright

Seattle offers a wide range of playful date options for those who identify as geek-chic or nerd aficionado. The places I’m sharing are dates my husband and I find great joy in and I hope you’ll find something on the list that delights you and that special someone. I’ve provided a “ranking scale” to help you choose the right date.


Ranking Scale

d4 – Anyone could handle this date

d8 – Quirky enough to not be mainstream

d10 – Obscure enough that hipsters love it

d12 -  True geeks at heart will swoon

d20 – The ultimate geek date


Unicorn / d10

Pinball, old school video games, corn dogs and chicken nuggets? Yes please! The Unicorn is a great playful first date. The game arcade includes a claw-machine that is rumored to give out free drink tickets and who can resist a spirited pinball tournament or game of Pac Man? Catching happy hour is worth skipping out of work for an early date – tall boys for $2 and Unicorn balls, I repeat, UNICORN BALLS. At the very least these witty named deep fried pork balls with ginger aioli dipping sauce with be a conversation starter to get over those awkward first date jitters.


Author Readings at Elliott Bay Company / d4

Elliot Bay Book Company, an independent bookstore in Seattle’s Capitol Hill draws a wide range of authors. Back in 2010, my husband and I caught Christian Lander, author of “Stuff White People Like”. There are plenty of borderline nerd favorites on his list: listening to David Sedaris on NPR while simultaneously sipping free-trade coffee and scanning through the NYT. Other authors who frequent the store include Seattle’s Dan Savage of The Stranger’s Savage Love column and Sherman Alexie. Take your date to an author reading followed by drinks at the bookstore’s Elliott Bay Cafe or browse the store’s eclectic graphic novel selection and delight your literary nerd.

 Elliott Bay Company

Gaming Salons / d20

Thanks to Cafe Mox and The Raygun Lounge, nerds no longer have to hide their RPG habits in basements and behind closed doors. Cafe Mox is a bar and cafe adjacent to Card Kingdom, a mecca of card and board games. Gamma Ray opened The Raygun Lounge with a similar vision in mind – a social space where friends can gather to play games, compete in tournaments, and test out games. Both salons serve up refreshments and a tasty array of bar food with a Pacific Northwest twist. This date is best for the truly nerdy at heart. Grab your date, bring a game or grab one from the inventory and play away.


Central Cinema / d8

Central Cinema provides a twist to the classic dinner/movie date. The theater boasts a full bar and ushers will bring food and drinks to your seat. The best date night is Cartoon Happy Hour (Thursday 5:30 to 7:00) where you can catch your childhood favorites and enjoy cheap eats and drinks. Alternatively, catch one of the theater’s Punk Rock Sing-a-longs. Impress your date while wailing away to the Dead Kennedys and chugging back a PBR tall boy.

Central Cinema

EMP/SCIFI Museum / d12

Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP) is home to the Science Fiction Museum. Impress your date with your knowledge of science fiction “facts” while browsing the Science Fiction Hall of Fame or one of the museum’s rotating exhibits. Right now the museum is hosting Icons of Science Fiction, a feature exhibit paying tribute to the iconic artifacts of sci-fi: Neo’s coat from The Matrix Reloaded, T-800 skull from Terminator 2, the command chair from Star Trek, and more. Coming up in February (2/15/2013) the museum opens its Art of Video Games exhibit and April 2013 brings Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic to the museum. Consider the Science Fiction Museum the church of geekdom – bring your date here and worship all that is nerdy.


Theo Chocolate Factory Tour / d4

I am a chocolate geek. I love to eat chocolate and I’m fascinated by the chocolate making process. Want to impress a chocolate geek? Then sign up for a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory. Tours include an obscene amount of chocolate samples, an overview of bean-to-bar chocolate production, and a walk-through of the factory and kitchen. Make a reservation in advance as this tour is a hot ticket in town and books up quickly.

 Theo Chocolate Factory Tour

Georgetown Liquor Company / d8

Show off you IQ and database of random facts for a lively night of trivia with Geeks who Drink. Geeks who Drink hosts a trivia night at Georgetown Liquor Company, a bar specializing in vegetarian/vegan fare.  Star Wars fans will appreciate the Obi-won-ton plate, the Darth Reuben and R2 Pita-2 sandwich. If you miss trivia night, stop by for the “build your own bloody Mary” bar, video games and an outstanding beer selection.

Georgetown Liquor Company

About the author: Kirsten Rogers is the Community Manage for LikeBright, a social matchmaking site. She’s in the business of building the LikeBright community through online engagement, contests and events. Fostering authentic connections is one of Kirsten’s core values, something she strives to bring to all relationships created online or off. Currently her favorite game is Lords of Waterdeep but Dominion will always have a place in her heart.

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