Anticipating The Return of Grimm

In case you haven’t heard, there’s finally a new episode of Grimm this Friday!  It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen an episode of Grimm – and that’s because it kind of has.  The last episode aired on November 16.  Considering that the first season ended in mid-May, and the second started in mid-August, that means we’ve now had a longer break than we did between seasons.  Oh, and lest we forget, the hiatus began on a cliffhanger.  

Actually, that’s the problem – I have sort of forgotten.  Everything’s gotten muddled, lost in a sea of pumpkin pie and Christmas lights and the sad, sad return of Smash.  Luckily, the episodes are available on Hulu and there’s plenty of time to rewatch before Friday, but let’s recap just in case.

The beginning of a Scooby Gang?

Hank has finally been let in on the whole Grimm/Wesen secret, and boy does it make everything a little lighter and easier.  Add him to Monroe and Rosalee, who each are the perfect mix of brains and brawn, and Nick’s got quite a team forming.  What would make it even better?  Ah yes – vet Juliette and maybe even the classy, multi-lingual Captain Renard.  If only he weren’t so evil and magically in love with Juliette.  Which brings us back to the cliffhanger:

Hope you like yelling at your screen

Renard knows that the growing obsession he has for Juliette is magical, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  He goes to the spice shop to ask Monroe (who has never met him, apparently) for help.  Instead, things get even more messy, as Monroe walks in on the two of them stealing a kiss in the most awkward moment ever.

Then it’s a classic tale of “please somebody impart all the knowledge they have to this person who needs to hear it!  You dim bulbs!” when, of course, no one will.  Nick knows Juliette has feelings for someone, even that it might be magically related, but doesn’t know who the mystery guy is.  Monroe knows that Juliette’s under a spell, but doesn’t tell her that her feelings aren’t under her control.  Juliette knows she was in a mysterious coma, but Monroe’s gentle “Nick was afraid someone was trying to poison you” apparently doesn’t ring any bells.  And, of course, Captain Renard knows everything, but plays a most dangerous game with icy precision as he juggles a police investigation, Nick, and his own knowledge of the Wesen world.

Knowledge doesn’t always make you smarter

Hank’s in the know, but perhaps he doesn’t always grasp the realities of the Wesen world – because when Adelind Shade arrives on his doorstep, he does not reel backward in fear, screaming and calling Nick (or 911) immediately.  Instead, he plays it cool – giving Adalind’s thugs plenty of time to break in to his house and beat him to a pulp.

Everyone has known that Adalind poisoned Juliette and put her in a coma, but apparently no one thought it necessary to make Juliette aware that Adalind is a dangerous, evil person (and they could have made almost anything up).  Thus, when Adalind shows up on Juliette’s doorstep, smiling brightly, Juliette gets suckered into some girl talk where she unknowingly reveals the location of Nick’s secret awesome vintage Airstream trailer.

From here, it gets complicated

Everything starts to come to a head as everyone gets more aggressive.  Adalind really wants Nick’s key for her employer, and does her best to get Nick to give it up.  Meanwhile, she’s pushing Renard to get the key as well, and tells him about Nick’s trailer to help move things along.  Finally, everything starts happening: Renard finds the trailer!  Monroe recognizes Renard on TV and tells Nick he’s the guy kissing Juliette!  And then we go on hiatus for almost four months!

Phew.  Who knows what will happen now?  Will Nick’s trailer get pillaged and destroyed?  Will Juliette’s spell be broken?  Are the writers going for something with a romantic lead named Juliette and a Prince who keeps order in the city?  Will Renard somehow be reformed and join the team as I so badly want him to?  Will all these Wesen international politics get a little more interesting? Can we finally have some real other Grimms involved?  And after this massive hiatus, will Grimm be able to hold on to its ratings enough to warrant a third season?

Here’s hoping!  In the meantime, I know I’m eagerly waiting for this weekend (and a speedy upload time to Hulu).

What about you?  Are you looking forward to the return of Grimm?  Or have you moved on altogether?  What would you like to see happen in the show? 

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