RPG Girl Thursday Rides Again



It’s hard to let go of a favorite game book, long-lived gaming group or your local LARP. But I just moved to Seattle, paired down some of my gaming books, and get to set my sights on the most fabled adventure a gamer can dream of.

The Fresh Start

I don’t belong to any game nights, groups or LARPs right now. If I want to, I can take my time to shop around. I think I want to get back into gaming face to face regularly with folks outside cons. I also feel a little overwhelmed by what it feels like more possible opportunity than I can wrap my brain around. You can’t swing a dice bag without hitting a gaming group, game night or pub quiz in Seattle. One block over from the first newsroom I worked at is a pub with a quiz night. I have heard tell of a women’s Magic community here. There are multiple LFGS here. If I tried to seek out every LARP, game night and pub quiz I would spend the next few months half in costume, broke, and maybe a little sauced. Since that’s part of how I spent college, I think making a more sensible plan is the wisest way to tackle my ‘find fun gaming’ check.

Define My Search Terms

I don’t have the stamina for gaming till 2:00 in the morning anymore. Arguably, I never did, caffeine just helped me lie about having that kind of energy. So, I know I don’t want to do any super late night gaming on weeknights. I’m willing to bend a little on that if it’s

  • a weekend
  • I’m not giving myself the short-shrift on time for work
  • I can walk away if I need to get going with little penalty to the experience


With terms like that, it sounds like weekend gaming that runs late is going to be board games and one shots. If and when running late happens, I’ll definitely pick my battles about whether or not to stick around till the wee hours. That still leaves me weeknights before ten, and weekend afternoons/evenings. If I end up going back to working an office gig, I’ll obviously want to revisit how much of the week I’m willing to schedule for games. So I’ve got no late nights, somewhere in Seattle, and as the cherry on top: I don’t like playing long games. It’s not just running late into the night that I avoid. I just don’t dig really long sessions anymore. Unless it’s the very first or very last session, I don’t dig more than two hours at the table. Between attention span, emotional bandwidth and hunger, I’m a bad choice for a game that runs over two hours. I may try eating my fellow players out of hunger and impatience, and that’s just going to ruin everyone’s plans for the weekend.

Like Riding a Bicycle

It’s been over a year since I had an in-person gaming group. Most of my gaming the past few years has been via con games and Skype. All of those were awesome experiences, but they had different chemistry and different objectives. I really want to get back to playing again, and I really want to get back to GMing. But if I’m getting back into things, I think I’ll start walking before I start running. Board games and card games first. I’ve got to make sure I’ve still got the attention span to do weekly (or every other week) gaming justice before I go plan a heist or save some dragons.

If you’ve got a favorite board game, card game, or RPG, I want to hear about them! I’ve spent a lot of time working on big projects the past year, and missed out on a lot of great games and releases. If you want to recommend a game, or a gaming event in Seattle, leave me a comment!

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