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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m keeping my highly caffeinated eyes watching Twitter during summer, because that’s when release schedules start getting crazy. Our pocket books may weep, but plenty of this installment will have you jumping for joy.



You were the best. Underground, cyberpunk street samurai, burglars and breakers, agents of a mysterious spymaster with half a name, zero history, and a plan. He made the missions and you carried them out. You were the go-to crew for high-stakes break-in, dangerous ops, and impossible escapes. You fought the megacorps, the tyrants, the killers—all for the sake of making a better future, of beating the Technocrats at their own game of shaping tomorrow. You always won, never quit, lived in the now. 

Until, eleven years ago, he disappeared…ANN

Now he’s back—back in trouble—and it’s up to you to save him and maybe, along the way, change the world.

Last year, I backed Will Hindmarch‘s Always/Never/Now Kickstarter, eager to see the game  in the wild once it was ready to fly.

This Monday, A/N/N/ hit the mean streets of the internet. You can download it for the price of free, free you fools, so you‘ve got zip for reasons to skip this luminous techno lick of future summer spycraft. Unless you don’t like luminous techno brain candy, in which case, it’s cool if you skip it, just tell your buddies who would dig it about where to find it. For further A/N/N goodies, you can hit the tumblr. You can also nose around Hindmarch’s delicate cyber-typographical nest for other A/N/N wisdom.




Dangerous Games: How to Play

Once a year, the greatest tabletop gamers in the world descend upon Indianapolis for Gen Con — the Best Four Days in Gaming — to play games, see friends, and have fun. They play things like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40,000, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, and everything else they can get their hands on. Mostly the competition is friendly.

Sometimes it is not.

When a world-famous game designer turns up murdered at the convention, Liam Parker — the young game designer who stumbles across the body — makes it his quest to figure out who killed the man, and why. In the end, Liam must figure out the rules of this most dangerous game fast — or risk losing his life.


If you missed out on the 12 for ’12 Kickstarter sequence Matt Forbeck did last year, never fear! You can buy Dangerous Games: How to Play and other fine Kickstarter novels of Forbeck’s over on his site. But if you dig mysteries and love GenCon, Dangerous Games is going to coax a fiver from your wallet. Then, it’s going to keep you turning pages all night. I love mysteries, I love GenCon, and I love supporting great writers. It’s a great book and a fast read, but if you’ve ever been to GenCon, it adds a little something to the reading experience. Indy is a weird, liminal place when it hosts GenCon. Designer Liam Parker’s high-risk, murder filled GenCon captured a lot of the perpetual bewilderment I felt my first GenCon. I spent most of my time reading shouting to my roommates “You would not BELIEVE what someone just said at the DJAs in here!”

Minus the murder, it felt a lot like going to GenCon. So pony up $4.99 and take a trip to Indy a few months early. You can even check out the first few chapters for free.



Indie RPG Awards

  The Indie RPG Awards were started back in 2002 to celebrate and recognize the drive and passion of the Role-Playing Game designers who wrote and published their works themselves, with minimal (if any) outside financial or labor support. These “Indie” RPGs are often hard to find. When published in print, game stores often don’t see them unless they are special-ordered. Often, these designers have to rely on, in part or entirely, the Internet to make their works known, or even to sell them if they are published electronically. They often slip under the radar of mainstream awards like the ORIGINS awards, Pen&Paper Awards, Ennies Awards, and many other awards that are based on popular vote.

If you feel like you didn’t catch all the 2012 indie releases, the list of games you can find at the Indie RPG Awards site is going to be your golden ticket to gaming joy. If you’re unfamiliar with the awards, they’ve got you covered with a FAQ. The results of their voting will be presented during GenCon, with the results going up on the site shortly after.


Got some RPG news about a project you’re following? Want to chat with me about a game you’re releasing? Need to shout to the heavens that you have found the best damn product of the summer? You can find me on Twitter!

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