Nine Ideas For an Awesome and Geeky First Date


The difference between a great and mediocre first date will set the tone for whether you have any subsequent dates. First dates with people you’ve met via online dating sites don’t need to be stressful, just make sure to make a plan!

Skip the boring old dinner & movie date formula and instead plan something fun and memorable. Yes, those nights can be fun too, but they’re not great for first dates. In short – they’re predictable and played out. Instead, when planning a first date, pick something activity-based to do together.

It’s generally considered courteous to also give your date two or three activity options to choose from. Whoever does the asking out should plan the first date and let the other person pick what they would prefer to do. That way you both have an idea ahead of time of each other’s budget, how to dress, and what the other person has in mind.

We’ve compiled some great ideas to help you plan your perfect first date:

1. A trip to museum or art gallery: Take in some culture and history with a visit to a museum or gallery. If there’s a special exhibit on, that can be the focus of your visit. You can also play “the museum game”. Take turns telling each other which one item you’d take home from gallery room, if you could. Explaining why you like different artifacts or paintings is a great conversation starter.

2. Trivia / pub quiz night: This one is pretty self-explanatory, you can both flex your trivia knowledge, eat some pub grub and hopefully have some laughs in a casual environment. Try to see you if can find a specifically pop-culture or geeky themed trivia night. If you live in a decently sized city, chances are there is one. Use your google-fu to find them!

3. Board game café or arcade: Board game cafés and arcades are perfect spots for a first date because the environment is relaxed, you can play some tabletop or video games together and have some friendly, flirty competition going on. Generally this also an relatively economical, but still very fun first date activity.

4. Coffee & comics: Hit up your local comic shop to look at toys and browse comics. Pick out one of your favourite titles for the other person. Then grab a coffee nearby (or in the comic shop itself, like at the fantastic Silver Snail in Toronto) to discuss why you picked that specific book. This is a cute idea because at the end of you date, you go home with a memento and something new to read.

5. Planetarium visit and stargazing: Explore to cosmos with your date and learn some new things about our solar system. Many planetariums have shows that run for about an hour. You can then  put you newfound knowledge to good use with some romantic amateur star-gazing.

6. Instagram Photo safari: Create a list of specific pictures, locations and themes you want to capture in an urban environment. Make them as outlandish and funny as you can think of.  Go on an adventure with you date to explore your favourite neighbourhood and start snapping away. Instagram the images you create & make sure to email them to each other.

7. Renaissance Faire: It’s summer again and that means there are tons of these delightfully anachronistic and always amusing festivals popping up. Just imagine a date that involves watching jousting competitions, drinking mead, feasting and wandering all the vendors and artisans. Sounds like a grand day to me!

8. Laser Tag: This particular activity might make you think of middle school birthday parties, but it can also be loads of fun. It’s one of those activities where unless you play quite regularly you’re probably not very good at it, so you can both laugh about getting pwned by 13 year olds.

9. See a nerdlesque show: Nerdlesque is exploding right now! Okay I’m probably biased in this regard, but I guarantee this is a fun and often-hilarious way to spend an evening. These show are definitely sexy (generally they include some tasteful nudity) but they’re more tongue-in cheek than lewd or lascivious. Audiences tend to be split 50/50 between men and women.

There are tons of talented nerdlesque producers and troupes to check out: JoJo Stilleto (Seattle), D20 Burlesque (NYC), Epic Win (NYC), Gorilla Tango (Chicago), Devil’s Playground Burlesque (LA), Nerd Girl Burlesque (my troupe from Toronto), Underground Peepshow (Toronto) and Browncoats Burlesque (Ottawa). There’s many more out there as well, chances are there’s a troupe close to you too!

Do you have any go-to activities for geeky first dates? What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any others?

Let us know what you think and leave us your comments below! 

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