Dating Profile Help: The Summer Loving Edition


Yay, summer is finally, officially here and like The Zombies song says, “it’s the time of season for loving!” That’s right, the nights are long, the days are hot and I sincerely hope you are feeling the amorous midsummer vibes right about now.

It’s also currently Pride Month is many places, so happy Pride to all of the LGBTQ geeky folks (and allies) who are celebrating! Here in Toronto, we’re in the midst of Pride Week, which is one of the largest in North America. There are also still lots of Pride festivities happening all over the world until the end of the month.

Taking a cue for Geek’s Dream Girl bosslady, E., I’ve compiled a few month-end suggestions, questions and writing prompts to help spice up your online dating profile.

Use these tips and ideas to help drum up some summer loving of your own.

Tips for your best dating profile ever

Avoid overuse of “I”. It can be hard to write about yourself without starting your sentences with the first-person singular subject pronoun “I”. However, overuse can make you come across as self-centered or a narcissist. Take the time to be more creative with how you start your sentences. I promise, it will make a huge difference.

This leads into directly into my next point…

Edit, edit again and revise. Like Rome, a good dating profile (usually) isn’t built in a day. Take the time to edit your profile and streamline it. You want to include just enough specific information to peek a potential match’s interest without wandering off into tl;dr territory.

Questions to ponder for the season

Your dating profile should always sound current and reflect what is going on in your life right now. Keep it fresh by adding new seasonal details. Here are some summery questions to get you thinking about what you could include around this time of year.

  • What’s your favorite summer specific activity? Is it going for bike rides, or swimming, or LARPing, or attending a specific fandom convention?
  • If you could go on a road trip to anywhere this summer, where would it be and why?
  • Do you have a strong opinion on a certain flavor of ice cream – be it positive or negative?

Some writing prompts for your profile

Are you starting to write a new profile or significantly reworking an existing one? Here are some topics prompts to get your pointed in the right direction.

  •  If you won the lottery (or otherwise came into a vast sum of money) what would you be doing with yourself right this moment?
  • Share an amusing anecdote about a time you got lost while traveling, how did you find your way back again?
  • Write out a list of everything you are looking for in a partner. Once you can’t think of anything else, sort all the characteristics into categories of how important they are. Use this to help shape the section in your profile where you address what you are looking for, with obvious emphasis placed on the categories that carry greater weight.

Enjoy the sun & some fun this summer, fellow geeks. (Just don’t forget the SPF30 or higher!)

If you need some extra help with your online dating profile, we’re at your service.

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