GenCon Bound: D&D, Speed Dating, and Knitting, oh my!

It’s that time again! The best time of year for gamer guys and girls… GENCON! Woooo!

(I am only a little bit excited.)

I’ve actually cut back a little on my scheduled events this year in an attempt to, I dunno, do more gaming? So we’ll see how it goes. I’m looking forward to playing games, running speed dating, and teaching a knitting class for the SPA crowd.


Arriving early afternoon. Dave(TheGame) & I are at the Westin, but we’ll likely be hanging out in the JW lobby since most of our friends are staying over there.

I have a public radio interview about GenCon speed dating at 8 pm, so I’ll be sneaking off to a dark, quiet corner of my hotel to get that recorded. It’ll air either Thursday or Friday morning.


10 am: Online Dating Q&A. This session is focused on YOU – so bring your questions and problems and even your dating profile and you get to pick my brain for an hour.

Evening:  Invitation-only event for D&D. Don’t worry, I’ll be tweeting and posting pictures for all of you who are elsewhere.


Evening: Speed Dating! This takes up my entire Friday evening from about 5 pm to 2 am. (This is how much I love you people!)

Ages 21-35 are from 6 pm – 8 pm. Please arrive no later than 6:10 pm. Women’s tickets still available, but going fast. Men are sold out (but bring generics to get on the waitlist if there are no shows!)

Ages 30 – 45 are from 9 pm – 11 pm. Please arrive no later than 9:10 pm. Women’s tickets still available. Men are sold out (but bring generics to get on the waitlist if there are no shows!)


6 pm – 8 pm: Intro to Fair Isle Knitting: Dice Bag.  All materials are included with your ticket. If you can do the knit stitch, you can learn to knit with two colors. Design and knit your own dice bag.


Nada! I’m up for anything and since I’m not leaving until Monday, ping me if you have ideas for dinner, gaming, etc once most of the world has gone home.

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