Great Dates in 50 States (& the UK!): Liverpool, UK

by Lynn Reid of Lovestruck Liverpool


Liverpool is a city like no other, with its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery; not to mention the night life! But where does a potential date fit into all of this? Liverpool is full of interesting activities and romantic spots, the trick is knowing where to find them and what to do when you get there – here’s a list of Liverpool’s most romantic attractions.


Dating at the Docks

The docks of Liverpool act as a social hub, brimming with things to see, do and taste; or for the romantics, the docks are ideal to walk along as the sun begins to set over the glittering city of Liverpool. There is no fee for visiting the docks, and it’s host to a wide range of restaurants – there’s also the Tate Gallery just around the corner that holds a large variety of contemporary art as well as exhibitions.


A Musical Date

For a music themed date you could take your potential partner on the Beatles Story; this is a tour that can last between two and three hours and includes an ‘Elvis and Us’ exhibition that explains how the four Liverpool lads were influenced by the king of rock and roll.

This tour would make a date very intense and atmospheric as you discover something new together and later relax over a coffee in the Beatles themed Starbucks Coffee House.


Beside the Seaside

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the beach after a long day, and what better place could you bring your date to? Formby beach is a beautiful spot set along the coast of Liverpool that allows you to get away from the chaos of city life and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean; there’s also a red squirrel reserve nearby, one of the only places in the UK in which you can see these amazing creatures.

Formby point is National Trust property, due to this there is a small fee for those who wish to park close to the beach; also, in warmer weather beware of jellyfish!

The Open Eye Gallery

The open eye gallery is a gallery that was opened in 1977 as a non-profit organisation that allows the public to understand photography and it also promotes the enjoyment and practice of photography. The open eye gallery has a range of photographs from the 1930s, up to the present day; some of these are presented within exhibitions that aid in supporting established and emerging artists.

Courting at the Royal Court Theatre

The Royal Court Theatre is an excellent way to start any date; the productions are both realistic and humorous and each of the actors takes great care in the portrayal of their role. Each play that is showcased within the theatre is incredibly well written, plays on the emotions and causes the audience to think for themselves; each of the endings is unique and satisfying. For comedy that will have you laughing start to finish, the Royal Court Theatre is the place to go.

Liverpool 063

Liverpool’s Echo Wheel

The echo wheel is much like the London Eye, only better. The Echo Wheel is a 60-metre high attraction that rotates to give the best views of Liverpool; especially the Irish sea and the river Mersey. If you pick the right day or evening, this attraction can offer one of the most romantic scenes within Liverpool, especially for a first date; imagine gazing out across the city scape as the lights begin to glow in the distance and the stars illuminate the sky above you.

Liverpool’s Echo Wheel is by far one of the most romantic places for first, second and even third dates.

There are lots of other hot spots and dating domains within this wonderful city, but for the best experience you simply have to give it a go; make the most of this city and everything that it has to offer.


Author: Lynn Reid is a dedicated guide that works alongside the team at Lovestruck Liverpool; when she isn’t taking the time to share her experiences and offering her knowledge she’s travelling throughout the UK.

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