Even More Dating Advice On SoulGeek: E Partners With Her Favorite Geek Dating Site



I’m excited to announce that I’ve partned with Dino Andrade of SoulGeek.com. I’ll be serving as the SoulGeek Dating Coach and writing a weekly column. Check out the first installment on the SoulGeek blog and while you’re there, sign up for a membership.

Unlike most of the “geek dating” sites that pop up on the internet, SoulGeek is the real deal. It’s founded by geeks, run by geeks, and populated with geeks. Most sites that are “geek dating” are really just a big dating company that “skins” sites for various interests. So for example, you’d sign up on geek dating, but you’d find profiles for people who signed up for Latino dating or Single Parent dating or what have you. Total bait and switch, right? Right.

Not on SoulGeek. Dino had a mission to make a place where fan-guys and fan-gals could meet up over common interests. As with most niche sites, the membership numbers are small compared to a big dog like Match or OkCupid, but you’re guaranteed that every profile is a real, live geek interested in talking to other geeks.

Check out my column on the SoulGeek blog and friend me on SoulGeek.com. I’m geeksdreamgirl there, too!

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