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Image of two cards on dark background. Gameplay pieces from the game Deadbolt.

Image of two cards on dark background. Game pieces pieces from the game Deadbolt.


October 3-6, Los Angeles, California

IndieCade (International Festival of Independent Games) released their finalists list earlier this week, of games nominated for the various awards IndieCade and its attendees bestow each year. (Think of it like the Sundance Film Festival.)

Among an array of mobile and computer games are three finalists working with tabletop as their game medium.

  • Deadbolt, a boxed game about showing your true self to others, by Elizabeth Sampat (They Become Flesh, Blowback, It’s Complicated)
  • Dog Eat Dog, a tabletop roleplaying game about colonialism and its impact on the native populus on a small Pacific island, from Liwanag Press (designer: Liam Burke).
  • Kulak, a dice game set in early 20th century Russia, with mechanics that force players to make difficult choices about competition and cooperation, from Komrade Studios.


IndieCade is a confluence of designers, fans, friends, press and fellow professionals. If you want a weekend of playing new, intriguing games to fill your weekend in L.A., you might want to look into attending.


Big Bad Con

October 4-6, Oakland, California

If you like your conferences brimming with tabletop options, Big Bad Con is a young con (third year this year) that takes over a good portion of a hotel to get as much gaming as possible in. If you’ve been to GoPlayNW, the basic principle is the same (an all gaming con, no workshops, no panels) with an attendee mix including a number of game creators and other game pros. It’s low key, well focused, and highly enjoyable. I’ll be returning this year for my second BBC. If you’re set to be in the Bay Area that weekend, you should sign up.



October 31-November 3, Morristown, New Jersey

Metatopia is a unique event as tabletop/LARP cons go. This is the space to go to playtest your games and meet your peers, inside a convention geared to put plenty of players in contact with a wide variety of games and the professionals who have created them. I’ve heard only praise from friends who have gone strictly to play, to playtest their game, or to play and get some playtesting of their work in. I’m there as a Guest this year, and I look forward to meeting any east coast readers I run into. If you want to spend Halloween weekend in a playtest friendly space, I suggest you look into registering.

I’m always on the lookout for new cons to visit, so if there’s one I should check out next fall, drop me a link in the comments!

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