Everlove: Rose Is Devouring My Free Time (And I’m Okay With That)

Everlove: Rose

Silicon Sisters. iOS and Android

I have been playing Everlove: Rose on Android, because E knows how to send me the best time devouring things to review.  My life involves plenty of waiting for things. Examples include waiting for my bus to arrive, files to finish compressing, and my favorite: waiting for Photoshop to stop its’ eldritch shenanigans inside my laptop. Mobile games are appealing to me because I can suddenly switch tasks quickly and leave the game with little effort, coming back to it at a later point. I figured Everlove would be a quick play through.

I’m still not finished. I’ve been playing for days, and I’m still not finished. In Everlove, you’re Rose, a resident of modern day New York. Rose has decided to go to therapy to figure out how to make her horrible nightmares stop. Her therapist has suggested past life regression; on the off chance it’s an emotional issue from a prior life, investigating it could help Rose put this weird and highly inconvenient baggage to rest. So Rose is sent down into her memories of a past life, brimming with prospective romance, mystery, and a lot of mouthy repartee.

Not going to lie: it’s been really hard to set down so I can get work done. The action is mainly driven by dialogue, and if you play, the similarity to Dragon Age’s dialogue style isn’t just a coincidence! That’s the writing of Tonia Olena Laird you’re seeing shine through, who did writing on Dragon Age II, as well as a canceled DII expansion, and writing on Dragon Age III: Inquisition. Though romance is a huge part of the plot of Everlove, Rose isn’t expected to be a damsel hiding beyond a variety of hunky dudes. She was trained by her father, a physician, in medical science and herbs, and a good percentage of her dialogue options range from snarky to harsh. Her best friend (one of the female NPCs) is a blacksmith, and her Aunt is the kind of drunk you can see Bruce Campbell playing.


Said good looking guys are not all white guys. Your childhood sweetheart, a fellow physician, is black. No one makes any mention of this as any sort of problem, and historically it’s on the nose. (White people weren’t the only people with accomplished physicians throughout what we think of as the medieval period.) One of the guys, who is annoyingly clingy and presumptive does at one point apologize for being a total jerk, and does his best to make up for being a bossy romantibro who didn’t consider your goals or feelings.

It’s also not done to get into your pants. \m/ \m/

Screenshot of an Everlove:Rose puzzle Picture provided by Silicon Sisters.

Screenshot of an Everlove:Rose puzzle. Picture provided by Silicon Sisters.


I used to garden with my botany-loving mother, so the hidden object games of finding herbs were extra fun for me! Not kidding. The other game you play when you’re not in the midst of dialogue is a puzzle game, reassembling pictures and letters that help you advance in the plot. The only problem I’ve had with the puzzles is that I get some eyestrain going on if I play for a long time on my phone because of screen size. That would probably be alleviated if I was playing on a Tablet.

I haven’t actually managed to finish Everlove yet, which I can only partly blame on deadlines. It’s deceptively simple, but it’s been steadily kicking my butt the closer I get to the end. It’s also glitched a few times, but never to the point that I couldn’t get to the end of a scene. Eyestrain and bug quibbles aside, it’s an entertaining game that’s far smarter than most people would give it credit for, and it makes you work to get farther into the story. Now, if I can just figure out how to get to the end…

Everlove: Rose is available for $3.99 USD, from GooglePlay, the Amazon Appstore, and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Store.

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